Philip Morris “Unsmoke the world campaign: yes that’s right! PM is asking people to STOP smoking! 

Nour Hamam

Bizarre, right? According to their website 40 Million aspire to switch to smoke free products by 2025

While this might, at first, seem like a self-sabotaging business move, it’s not. The company is responding to a consumer shift away from smoking tobacco products — and preparing for bans on cigarettes by switching to alternatives. The UK government plans to make the country go smoke-free by 2030.

A spokesperson for PMI told Insider that its “smoke-free products” accounted for nearly 30% of its sales in the second quarter of the year. By 2025, it plans to bring this up to 50% of sales.

According to their website, Why are they  going smoke-free?

We understand the millions of men and women who smoke cigarettes. Many are looking for less harmful, yet satisfying, alternatives to smoking. We will give them that choice.

We have a commitment to our employees and our shareholders, which we are fulfilling by pursuing this path to sustainable success. We have a commitment to society, which expects us to act responsibly. We are doing just that, by delivering a smoke-free future.

It reminds me of the Starbucks marketing strategy by spelling your name wrongly on the coffee on purpose TO CREATE A BUZZ ON social. 

How many times have you instagrammed your coffee cup with the WRONG name on your stories? Do you want Self sabotage that works then go to Starbucks! 

Joe Mchale for Nintendo goes viral and features him making demands for creating an ad that doesn’t feel like an ad, he proceeds to kick his intern to create 40 million views on YouTube had me giggling. He pokes fun at how hot women can also sell anything while sexy models suddenly appear! This was a really creative reverse psychology ad for NINTENDO! (I am big Joe McHale fan!)

Crocs are not known for having the most aesthetically  pleasing footwear. Designer Victoria Beckham echoed that sentiment when recently she said she would rather die than wear a pair of Crocs after Justin Bieber sent her a pair from his collection. Despite the fact that Crocs have landed on many lists of what not to wear, the company has embraced its “ugly” self. 

In fact when rapper post Malone designed his own crocs it sold out it 10 minutes!

By adding “jibbitz” it makes it fun and cooler, you can customize how you want your pair to be! 

They also do an amazing job on their socials with collabs and influencers. 

Let’s not forget the amazing Super Bowl Burger King ad that showed a ROTTEN Whopper! the amazing team at Wunderman created this that went viral, it was a nauseating visual of a whopper that was moldy beyond belief, why? 

To show that it’s made of real ingredients that actually mold. 

Why does this work?

  • Creates a buzz
  • Create a sympathy 
  • Makes it viral 
  • Sparks a debate on how marketing is done