Dubai, 08 March 2024. Yango Maps unveils new route options adapted specifically for Dubai’s warmer climate. When temperatures rise, the app displays additional directions that go through covered areas and air-conditioned bus stops. The new options are called “comfortable routes” and are marked with a snowflake icon.

With rising temperatures and the fasting period of Ramadan right around the corner, convenience when traveling around the city is especially important. According to Yango Maps’ surveyof Dubai residents, 80% stay just as busy during the Ramadan month as any other time: commuting to work, visiting relatives, shopping, and other activities. The same survey showed that for trips around the city, the most important aspects are optimal travel time, safety, and cool areas along the route. All of these are considered equally important.

Now, instead of waiting for a bus in the sweltering heat or walking several miles in the sun, users can enjoy a more relaxing journey. It’s also possible to check beforehand whether a bus stop has a cooling option by simply clicking on it to see if it has the “Air-conditioned” label. So far, over 570 of Dubai’s air-conditioned bus stops have been added to Yango Maps.

“The new feature’s algorithm predicts outdoor temperatures using historical data and calculates both waiting times for buses and the total walking distance. Considering all these factors, it ensures that the suggested directions take no more than 20 minutes longer than a standard route,” shares Eugene Shilnikov, Yango Maps’ Product Lead. “We’ll continue integrating more smart transport solutions that appear in Dubai to keep in touch with all of the innovations in the city’s infrastructure.”

The launch of comfortable routes marks yet another step in Yango Maps’ mission to provide a smarter, more comfortable, and enjoyable travel experience for Dubai residents.

Yango Maps is available for free on Google Play and the App Store, with both English and Arabic for the interface and voice directions.