Nurzy’s new single Albe Blue features her very own blue Chevrolet Groove

Middle East – Chevrolet Middle East is thrilled to announce acollaboration with Female Talent Agency (FTA) a female-led creative agency specializing in music and brand partnerships and up-and-coming local music sensation Nurzy. This collaboration aims to support emerging Arab talent while highlighting thebrand’s long standing legacy in music and culture scene.

With a background in Audiology, Nurzy, is known for her unique voice and sensational performances. She is paving her way into Arabic Pop with a mission to raise awareness on hearing protection in the music industry through her music and is quickly becoming a rising star in the local music scene.

In parallel, she has been a Chevrolet fan for many years with her first car being a blue Chevrolet Groove. As part of her collaboration with Chevrolet, having debuted the single ‘Albe Blue’ on 28th June, 2024, which references her beloved first car, a blue Chevrolet Groove. The single is a heartfelt tribute to the memories and freedom associated with her cherished Chevrolet Groove, making the small SUV a fitting centerpiece for this partnership. The blue Groove also shared the spotlight in her music video which Chevrolet  amplified on social channels to help raise awareness of the up-and-coming talented, Arab artist.

I moved to Dubai in 2021 with a heart full of dreams ready to take my music career to the next level,” said Nurzy. “One of the first things I did when I moved here was tackled my fear of driving and took lessons. As soon as I passed, I knew I wanted a Chevy because I’ve lost count of the number of songs I heard featuring the brand, itwas like the universe was telling me this was the brand for me. Since then, my blue Groove has seen me through hard and good times of my career in Dubai, so when I was thinking about the brand to collaborate with for my debut single, Chevrolet was a no brainer.”

Chevrolet’s connection to music is deeply rooted in its history, with iconic songs and memorable moments in popular culture often featuring Chevrolet vehicles or mentions of iconic models such as Corvette, Camaro, Impala, Chevy Trucks and many more. From classic hits to contemporary tracks, Chevrolet cars have been a symbol of freedom and adventure, inspiring countless artists and music lovers alike.

This collaboration with Nurzy is another chapter in Chevrolet’scommitment to the region’s talent and music culture. In 2021, to mark the launch of the new Chevrolet Groove , Chevrolet assembled 12 talented Arab artists to create a signature “ME-Pop” album titled “Find Your Groove” which achieved great success.

To listen to Nurzy’s new single visit Nurzy and Chevrolet Arabia’s official channels.