The Tahoe melds modern construction technology with traditional methods, along with a suite of modern features for performance, comfort, refinement and safety

CHEVROLET MIDDLE EAST OFFICE – The 2018 Tahoe boasts exceptional comfort and refinement for up to nine people to travel in style. It also offers remarkable on- and off-road performance; a feat that can largely be attributed to its intelligent construction.

To deliver on its hallmark off-road prowess, the 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe retains its body-on-frame construction, while adding more aluminum components for lightness – it’s a mix of conventional build for toughness and modern touches for refinement, comfort and poise.

Body-on-frame construction has several benefits. The ladder frame is more resistant to twisting, and is therefore better suited to heavy towing duties as well as hard off-road driving. It also allows for greater wheel travel, thereby giving the Tahoe much better off-road potential.

The body-on-frame construction is sturdy, thanks to a strengthened frame. The track is wider to aid stability, while additional noise-and-vibration damping measures make the cabin quieter than ever.

The clever engineering solutions continue with the available Magnetic Ride Control suspension, which assesses the road surface up to an incredible 1000 times a second. Furthermore, the suspension can alter the damping almost instantaneously to ensure the ride is supple over undulating surfaces and poised during cornering maneuvers. The end result is a full-size SUV that is quiet and refined on the move, without compromising its ability to negotiate corners or tricky terrain.

Chevrolet engineers used state-of-the-art construction techniques to ensure the Tahoe retains its high torsional rigidity. The main structure, for instance, employs high-tensile steel in strategic spots for strength paralleled with lightweight aluminum hood and liftgate panels that enhance efficiency through reduced overall mass. This hybrid construction enables the 2018 Tahoe to retain the hallmark strength of its frame, while cutting mass to ensure stable handling and reduced fuel consumption of just 10.3 Km/L – the best in the V8 powered full size SUV segment

Equally impressive is the 2018 Tahoe’s ability to handle its owner’s venture off the beaten path. Despite its substantial proportions, Chevrolet’s full size SUV has genuine off-road ability which is further enhanced with the available Z71 package. The Z71 package adds heavy duty rancho shocks, skid pads and underbody protection panels as well an Z71 exclusive front fascia for improved approach and departure angle

Another advantage of the 2018 Tahoe’s sturdy construction is its incredible towing capability. Suitably equipped, it can tow an enormous 3,900 Kg, making it supremely capable for any lifestyle application.

While the Tahoe retains a conventional construction for strength and enhanced off-road performance, it also has come of the most cutting edge technologies available in its segment. There are as many as 11 available active safety features that not only monitor the surroundings of the vehicle continuously to identify potentially dangerous situations, the system can even intervene to avoid or lessen the severity of a collision, should the driver fail to respond in time.

In essence, the 2018 Tahoe packs the best of modern and conventional engineering to deliver superlative performance both on- and off-road.