• Following the success of the first two sessions, T-Talk’s is back with a new and insightful episode, championing the voices of People Of Determination
  • This episode features inspirational personalities and athletes, Dareen Babar and Jessica Smith, who shed light on the importance of inclusivity

Dubai, UAE – December 28, 2021: TikTok has launched the third episode of its impactful and inspiring T-Talk series, placing the focus on those who never fail to inspire; People Of Determination. The latest episode celebrates overcoming adversity and self belief, passing the mic to Dareen Babar a world renowned athlete, fitness trainer and life coach, and Jessica Smith, a former Australian Paralympic Swimmer turned children’s books author and owner of a talent agency that supports diversity and inclusion. 

Dareen and Jessica take users through their journeys explaining the challenges they have faced, along with the support they received. They also offer viewers time-proven guidance on how to stay strong and positive, and draw inspiration from those around them. Along with sharing their stories, both participants stress the significance of open discussion and inclusive content in providing a foundation for people to come together and form a safe space. Jessica comments: “I think in recent years the introduction of social media and content sharing platforms, although some people do find it negative, has given so many minority groups a platform to feel empowered and to share positive stories. And so for me certainly, it has given me so many avenues to share my story and help other people share theirs.”

Known for being a diverse  platform that sheds light on unconventional topics in a safe space, TikTok, through its T-Talk series, champions diversity and inclusivity, calling on users to not shy away from sharing their authentic selves. The platform’s intention is to broaden the mindset of its community through the series, by spreading the messages of positivity and hope, to inspire all. 

Check out the episodes featuring Dareen and Jessica on the @tiktokmena page on December 30th.    

Note: The advice and recommendations shared by The People of Determination episode are purely for awareness purposes and are not intended to be a substitute for professional or medical advice.