TikTok For Business launched a series of educational webinars to help marketers make the best of the Holy Month of Ramadan, through familiar, noticeable and relatable content

Dubai, UAE – February 09, 2022: The Holy month of Ramadan, is one of the most important cultural occasions in the region and across many parts of the world. Both observants and non observants anticipate this blessed period every year to embrace the spirit of giving, togetherness and joy that prevail with it. It also brings brands many opportunities to engage with their audiences, while showcasing their products, services and best offers. In the lead to it, TikTok has rolled out a series of educational webinars and a dedicated one-stop hub for everything related to Ramadan, with the aim to support brands leave an impact, while honoring its essence. 

“Uninterrupted Ramadan” webinar series, are hosted by TikTok experts and builds on TikTok for Business’ commitment, and ongoing efforts to support businesses of all sizes grow on the platform. The webinar series, aim to further educate brands and marketers on the best ways they can create content that blends instead of interrupts, by focusing on familiarity, relatability and noticeability.

Jochen Bischoff, Head of Consumer Business Partnerships GCC, Global Business Solutions: “Brands understanding the importance of authentic content in consumer centricity is decisive. A humanized experience with the community at heart is the future of marketing, and is integral to TikTok’s offer. This effect is amplified during seasonal moments, whereby brands have to remain relatable, empathetic, and authentic. As people embrace the spirit of Ramadan, brands need to create content that naturally builds consumer connections. Creators trigger identification and emotions. Handing the brief over to Creators is becoming the new norm. In return, brands will increase relatability in special family moments, which helps build brand equity and growth.“

All “Uninterrupted Ramadan” webinars can be accessed on TikTok for Business’s LinkedIn Page and the microsite. The webinars are led by an intro to the “Uninterrupted Ramadan”, followed by a deep dive into the three key pillars of familiarity, relatability and noticeability.

  • Introduction to Uninterrupted Ramadan
  • Be Familiar 
  • Be Relatable
  • Be Noticeable