About Heena Mak, Director of Strategy, SOCIALEYEZ

Heena Mak is the Director of Strategy at SOCIALEYEZ, where she has spent nearly a decade honing her skills and advancing her career. With a background in Journalism and a passion for writing, Heena has found her niche in the world of social media.

Heena’s career began with New You Magazine, where she quickly discovered her love for social media. After a few internships and jobs in production, journalism, and photography, she combined her passion for writing and storytelling with her skills in social media to create something truly unique. Heena joined SOCIALEYEZ nearly nine years ago and has been an integral part of the team ever since.

Throughout her time at SOCIALEYEZ, Heena has taken on client servicing and team management roles, developing her expertise in various sectors, including Government, Hospitality, and FMCG. Her contribution through the years earned her a few awards and accolades, including the Twitter Young Lynx Award in 2017, the SOCIALEYEZ excellence award in 2018, and the Agency Inspiration Award in 2020.

In her current role, Heena is pivotal in supporting SOCIALEYEZ’s success with a strategic foundation and crafting detailed and innovative strategies for existing and potential clients. She brings her expertise in forecasting to every project while remaining focused on creativity, storytelling, and authenticity. In addition, Heena’s dedication to her craft and passion for social media has made her an invaluable member of the SOCIALEYEZ team.

About her thoughts for the industry

At 18, my career began with an internship and a part-time position as a Beauty Writer. Working under the guidance of a strong female leader and role model was a privilege I cherish today. It was an empowering experience that equipped me with valuable skills that I still use today.

Initially, I encountered situations that made me question equity, particularly as a young woman in the Industry. Making my voice heard amidst the noise was challenging, but I learned the importance of speaking up and believing in my ideas. Confidence is key, and it’s not just about having good ideas but also having the conviction to back them up. 

My current role at SOCIALEYEZ has been transformative. Joining the company at a young age has allowed me to carve out a niche for myself. In addition, the support of my colleagues and leaders has been invaluable in giving me a voice in the Industry. This is what it truly means to be allies, where women and men comfortably empower each other without competition. 

As a leader, I strive to mentor my team and believe in creating a culture of trust and patience. I don’t shy away from being an empathetic leader. I firmly believe that centring ethical leadership with emotional intelligence is crucial in fostering a positive work environment. 

My hope for the future is a more equitable environment for women of all ages and roles in this Industry. There is still considerable judgement towards how women present themselves, how they seek work-life balance or what they choose to do in their personal lives. It’s demanding managing work responsibilities with real-life roles and still finding time for yourself. We wear many hats, and we wear them well, but that doesn’t mean that the socially-invisible burden doesn’t weigh us down. The Industry could offer more room for being human without being influenced by current expectations.