About Ashley Rite, VP of Marketing and Growth, OSN

Ashley Rite is the Vice President of Marketing and Growth at OSN

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Ashley is responsible for developing and overseeing a highly cross-functional and multi-disciplinary team brand and title marketing, marketing production services (on-air/OTT), digital/social creative, and product marketing across the product and corporate portfolio at OSN.  She developed and launched OSN+ in March ’22, and as a strategic leader of the business manages the consumer-facing marketing strategy that contributes and delivers on the commercial growth objectives for its streaming product. Prior to this, Ashley was OSN’s Content Director/Vertical Head and operationalized content and programming strategies across OTT and linear, originals, optimizations across platforms and planning of new channel products. 

Before joining the network side, Ashley served in a variety of senior production and content strategy roles at multiple studios in the US and Canada. She is a creative leader and Executive Producer that expertly develops content and brand, with a passion for growing digital products and IP.  She has contributed to the editorial strategy, development, and production of hundreds of hours of programming that can be seen on all major global networks and platforms. 

About her thoughts for the industry 

Part of my job at OSN is to focus on brand building through developing content-driven, digital-first strategies to successfully keep viewers interested and engaged. The region is becoming increasingly digitally diversified, and streaming services will continue to grow at an accelerated pace. It is then key that OSN continues to innovate on behalf of its customers, respond to audience needs, and ensure access to the best content from the region, as well as from some of the biggest global studios, including HBO, Paramount, and NBCUniversal.

What I love most about my role at OSN, however, is our unique and integrated 360-marketing campaigns which stretch across the region to include experiential activations, star-studded screenings, and digital experiences, all the way from Saudi Arabia and the UAE to Egypt. Specifically, the OSN+ marketing team not only utilizes traditional strategies and branding, but combines wide-ranging elements of PR, social media and creative to establish a fully holistic department that seeks to generate interest in the brand while increasing subscriber numbers through fun and engaged promotions of the most premium content in what is fast becoming an extremely competitive and saturated industry.

Of course, leadership is essential in creating these locally relevant and meaningful campaigns and teamwork is key. I believe in cultivating a creative spirit in my teams, and particularly among juniors who are better at adapting to the local tastes and trends. It is the best of both worlds, and you can end up with a super empowered and growing army of creatives who have the skills and mindset to deliver.

These attributes combined ensure that we continue to position OSN+ as the preferred platform of choice for passionate content lovers who rely on us for premium, must-see content, whenever and wherever they are.