Wait! You are here on this article, and I know why you are here. I know you are roaming here and there but everything is going in vain. Come on man, I won’t let you lose your heart. I have been there looking for channels to help grow a coin. Join me in my journey in discovering some traditional and some non-very traditional crypto marketing channels.

Marketing is the most significant part of the crypto industry. All you need is a good blockchain network and a fabulous marketing strategy to nail the crypto industry.

Let’s start with one of the most unique channels I came across, Poocoin (yes it looks like poo), through which you can market. Tokens, games, memes, and much more! All you need is to go on the Poocoin website, and you are going to get the best possible way to market your stuff.



Poocoin has made trading pretty easier for users. It is among the highest visited Defi analytics websites. Despite the fact that this coin was launched quite after numerous other coins, the growth is real. This primarily depicts the website providing stupendous charts, data, tokens, and market caps for the users and, above all, unique placement options with an easy-to-use marketplace.

From liquidity to transactions and contracts; the entire process on this website goes smoothly.

In addition to #Poocoin and #Coinzilla (not relevant to Godzilla’s promise); discords play an essential role. Simply go into your imaginary world and think if there is any worth of an educational institution without its mentors. Similarly, the crypto industry is useless without discords. The popularity of the discord community is going to tremendously increase in the coming era because of ongoing restrictions on other social media platforms.

All you need to do is simply join a discord community. You would have been thinking about how to do this. I am going to tell you each and everything in detail. Hold on and have a pinch of patience. Simply go on the particular discord community and create your channel. It’s as simple as you create a Youtube channel or signing up on Facebook.

Here are some discords communities that will help you build a marvelous community and start your journey through discord channels.

1. Axion’

If you are someone who is looking for a friendly environment; this is going to be the perfect site for you. You can get to interact with loads of loving people who will love to hear your conversations. Yes! They are as passionate about crypto as you. You can pour out your crypto enthusiasm on axion. From tokens to memes and coins; this discord community will do wonders for you.

The more crypto stuff you share on your social media; the more people will engage in your project. The reason behind this is that all crypto lovers and traders are desperate to know the fluctuating marketing trends.  Admins will guide you about all the possible ways to trade efficiently.

2. Crypto technical analysis

This channel will help you learn and plan at the same time. You won’t only be able to get the latest news about crypto but also create your own way of spreading your trade. It offers all the forecasts and latest trends. You will find all the experts in the crypto industry on this channel. All you need to learn is to use those tips and build your own community.

3. CryptoHub

 Now, this is going to be the best possible tip for you. Hold your breath and concentrate on my words! Cryptohub is a very diverse platform. It doesn’t only contain crypto guidelines but also involves information about NFTs, investing gem hunting, and staking. You are going to get it all in one. Who on earth will hate getting spoon-feeding? Obviously no one.

4. PR

Online advertisement strategies are quite useful but you simply do not need to rely on them. Certain conventional methods can help you gain good traffic too. Try to connect with different media companies and brands. Your contract with them can help you engage a large audience. Companies usually have a huge audience and clients attached to them. The best part about these clients is that they trust their companies and agree to spend a hefty amount on their recommendations. Simply connect to them and see the results.

5. Digital marketing

Digital marketing involves content marketing and all other marketing platforms. From Facebook to gram and Twitter; these 3 platforms can engage loads of traffic. Publishing good content on these platforms won’t only help to build your audience but make money once you partner with Adsense.

Try these techniques and share your experience with me!