Dubai, United Arab Emirates 11 September 2023: As August has ended, families are settling into their routines while leaving the fun of their summer holidays behind. But for Pizza Hut Middle East, the back-to-school season shouldn’t kill the summer vibe. Instead, it should keep the fun alive. That’s why Pizza Hut and Publicis Middles East are excited to introduce the all-new Fun 4 All deal along with their first steps into the metaverse, The Hut on Roblox. Fun 4 All is an abundant offer to bring families and groups together with 2 Sicilian Pizzas, Chicken Wings, Wedges, Pasta, 2 Dips, and a lot of fun.

The first Pizza Hut metaverse experience into Roblox, The Hut, is inspired by the efforts and fun of many Pizza Hut superfans and Roblox users who, over the years, have been championing the brand by creating their own pizza experience in Roblox. We brought pizza and Roblox fans together to celebrate their love for pizza through an adventure set in a virtual Pizza Hut World.

In The Hut, fans will be able to explore the virtual Pizza Hut world – wearing exclusive pizza-themed merchandise – whilst hunting out ingredients to create their favourite pizzas and get rewarded with badges, power-ups and other prizes along the way. 

Before entering the experience, users will have the opportunity to dress up their Roblox Avatars in exclusive pizza-themed costumes and accessories, including cheese and tomato onesies, tomato helmets, pepperoni glasses and much more.

Ahmed Sabri, Marketing Lead at Pizza Hut Middle East & Pakistan, said: “For years, we have seen many of our fans having their go at creating their own unique pizza experiences on Roblox, replicating the Pizza Hut identity. With the launch of The Hut into Roblox, we want to honour the efforts of our superfans and deliver what they have been hoping for, giving them a chance to virtually experience the Pizza Hut world and share their love for pizza.”

So, while you’re back in the Middle East, make sure to enjoy some family playtime with Fun 4 All and The Hut. See you on Roblox.

Click here to play the game.