The world’s oldest surviving automotive brand is reaffirming its personality and character with a new logo. It is turning over a new page in its history.


Peugeot unveiled its new logo: a coat of arms adorned with a magnificent lion’s head. Since 1850 Peugeot has had ten successive logos, all of which feature the lion’s emblem. Today an eleventh version, even more streamlined, more qualitative and more elegant, has just been created by the brand design lab, the global brand design studio.

Launched in 2010, the current logo needed to change to crown the brand’s move upmarket. After having completely overhauled its vehicles over the last 10 years, Peugeot is redesigning its logo to keep pace with its products. At the beginning of 2021, with the launch of a range that will be ushered in by the new Peugeot 308, with a new website and with the creation of STELLANTIS, the stars are aligned.

Peugeot is a brand in tune with the times. With even a step ahead of its time, it keeps abreast of innovation, anticipates changes in behavior and paves the way for new mobility solutions. 

Peugeot has had the experience of all the revolutions: industrial, technological, political, social, digital and, now, environmental- the energy transition and zero-carbon mobility being at the heart of its strategy for a sustainable future.

All this forms Peugeot DNA.

‘It is also powerful and instinctive brand, a reflection of its emblem: the lion.

This makes a Peugeot a timeless brand, a link between yesterday and tomorrow. 

Over the last 10 years, the entire product range has undergone astonishing upmarket move. And this is what it has achieved: ‘International Van Of The Year’ with the Peugeot e-expert in 2021 and partner in 2019 and three ‘Car Of The Year’ on the road ( Peugeot 308, chosen in 2014, Peugeot 3008, chosen in 2017 and Peugeot 208 chosen in 2020). And above all, an electrification range for both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. 

This move upmarket and in value is now being perfected by work on the design of the brand itself.

A new logo embodies what Peugeot meant yesterday, what Peugeot means today and what Peugeot will mean tomorrow.

The new coat of arms, in the effigy of the lion, has always been part of the brand. It shines a proud spotlight on the value of Peugeot brand. 

This logo has been designed to last.

This is the meaning of this coat of arms, a timeless, universal and multicultural form of identity.

It is a distinctive symbol of belonging, of recognition.

It is synonymous with prestige, confidence, longevity and lineage. With it and its new visual identity, Peugeot is joining history and hyper-modernity.

With this coat of arms, the Peugeot brand is setting out to conquer new lands, to accelerate its international growth, exporting French style and know-how as well as French elegance.

The Peugeot brand is turning over a new page in its history. A new era.

It now has a new commitment with its customers: to transform their time spent with it into quality time.

And to experience the new Peugeot identity is to live two experiences in one:

Firstly, it means living for the now.

In a world that is constantly spinning faster and faster, ‘time’ has become one of the rarest and most precious assets.

In this world, Peugeot offers those who wish to do so the opportunity to truly enjoy the present moment and to take advantage of all that it has to offer.

It also means having an all-in quality experience.

Vehicles, dealerships, associated products, websites, communications, signage…These are all points of contact with the brand that are set up and aligned within a single, coherent and cross-functional system.

As for the website, it is now part of an ‘online dealership’ experience, becoming ‘selling online native’.

Simple, effective, intuitive, immersive, highly visual, dynamic and business-oriented, it offers a fluid sales experience. 

As for the dealership, it is now a place for an even more human, even more visual and even more educational experience. The objective is to experience the acceleration of the energy transition in concrete terms, to discover new mobility options and new technologies.

The time spent on site, is a high quality experience where you can envisage the future. 

Therefore, the website and dealerships complement each other and move up the range to make time spent with Peugeot, time that counts.

Peugeot has produced its firs brand campaign in 10 years: The Lions Of Our Time.

Through this optimistic international campaign, Peugeot engages both its customers and those who are not. The brand captures a new universal territory: time. It celebrates today’s lions, of all ages, culture and backgrounds. These Lions Of Our Time, who are no longer so much in search of power or money, but more in a quest for quality time.

Through The Lions Of Our Time brand campaign, Peugeot aims to empower the customers to own their most valuable asset: their time. The brand aims at turning time into quality time, an enriching experience. As an innovative high-end generalist brand, Peugeot proposes an unboring experience both online, onboard vehicles and in its dealerships.

Because experiencing the Peugeot brand is not limited to the dealership or website, the brand is launching a new lifestyle collection, simple, attractive and quality clothing, leather goods, fashion accessories, electronic accessories, tableware, stationery, packaging, miniatures… it’s a whole Peugeot universe that is in tune with its new brand identity.

This coat of arms opens the way to a brand ecosystem that is not limited to its visual identity alone. It carries within it a deeper change. A shift in stance: a new state of mind; a new lifestyle.

Peugeot objective is to offer its current and future customers a brand that meets their requirements.

The Peugeot brand is timeless. It is reinventing itself, over and over again.