■ This is the third edition of this esports tournament in which teams from universities in the UAE, KSA, Egypt and Morocco are participating.

■ The finals of this tournament will take place on July 5 and 6 at Pixoul Gaming in Abu Dhabi.

Dubai, June 3rd, 2024- The gaming industry takes a step forward in the United Arab Emirates. The Emirates Esports Federation, an organization created by the UAE government to promote esports in the UAE by organizing and coordinating sports activities and representing the country in various external forums, has reached a collaboration agreement withMENATech Entertainment to encourage initiatives linked to the world of video games and technology in the university environment.

MENATech Entertainment, a GGTech group company, is organizing Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports, the leading esports project for students in the MENA region. Its goal is to promote the involvement of participants in the esports and gaming sector through competition, the formation of a university community at an international level, and job opportunities.

The collaboration between the Emirates Esports Federationand MENATech includes the hosting of the third edition of the Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports Masters, the collegiate tournament between universities in the region. The event will take place on July 5 and 6 at Pixoul Gaming, the state-of-the-art gaming complex located in Abu Dhabi.

Mario Pérez, CEO of MENATech, said: “We are delighted to announce this collaboration with the Emirates Esports Federation. This agreement is an important step for collegiate esports in the country, where the gaming industry is growing exponentially. From Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports, we are very grateful for this opportunity to hold the Amazon UE Masters Grand Finals at Pixoul Gaming’s impressive facilities and to continue to show university students all the advantages of video games for their professional careers and personal lives.”

The main objectives of Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports Masters are, on the one hand, to create a sense of community among players from all over the MENA region, giving them the opportunity to compete in high quality international tournaments and, on the other hand, to provide avenues for young people to develop a career in the world of esports, finding a place to learn and enhance their skills.

Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports and MENATech have recognised the burgeoning potential within the UAE’s gaming and esports market. The MENA region’s gaming revenue saw a 6% increase in 2022, reaching $6.8 billion. This growth is largely attributed to the Middle East’s youthful demographic, with the UAE standing out for its gaming enthusiasm: 90% of adults are gamers, the highest percentage worldwide, and 23% game for more than 11 hours each week.