New AI-Powered Consumer Insights Solution Analyzes First-Party Customer Data

OCTOBER 10 – Talkwalker, a leading social listening and analytics company, today announced Customer Data+, a new product feature, which allows enterprises to analyze customer conversations from owned data sources. The Talkwalker platform now runs analysis on first-party text data such as customer service emails, chats, surveys, and call center transcripts. The new AI-powered Consumer Insights feature expands upon Talkwalker’s acclaimed social media and web data capabilities.

Customer Data+ has the power to revolutionize the way enterprises view multiple data sources to make data-driven decisions. Research shows that organizations do not use their first-party customer feedback data due to lack of accessible and easy-to-use analytics tools. Talkwalker’s Customer Data+ empowers businesses to easily and quickly turn data insights into action.  

“We’ve created an industry-leading social listening and analytics tool that allows companies to see how customers engage with them across social and the web,” said Christophe Folschette, co-founder and Global Sales Director at Talkwalker. “Customer Data+ goes a step further by using Talkwalker’s AI Engine to run analysis on a company’s first-party text data and offer a complete picture of multiple data streams.” 

According to Todd Grossman, Talkwalker Americas CEO, “Customer Data+ understands and analyzes engagement at scale from both social media and customer experience. Our AI Engine’s deep learning algorithms do the hard work. You reap the benefits.”

Users will need an Enterprise-level Talkwalker subscription to fully benefit from this new service.