10 July, 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates – StickyGinger, an award-winning integrated creative and communications agency, has created a powerful campaign for PUMA that celebrates everyday athletes’ commitment to bettering themselves. The “You vs. You” campaign aims to inspire individuals to confront their fitness obstacles, pushing them to reach new milestones in sports and personal growth. The campaign included a powerful hero film, key visuals and social media content.


The “You vs. You” campaign maximized its impact by leveraging multiple touchpoints including social media, in-store, the official PUMA Middle East website, and influencer partnerships. The campaign effectively communicated PUMA’s strengths in training and running to a diverse and engaged audience across the GCC. 

Lucy Freeman, Director, and co-founder of StickyGinger, commented: “Through meticulous research, creative execution, and a relentless drive for impact, we delivered a powerful story across multiple mediums that connected one of the world’s most iconic brands with everyday athletes in the GCC. The PUMA You vs. You campaign taps into the mindset of athletes in the region, encouraging them to run faster, Forever.”

As part of the campaign, StickyGinger collaborated with renowned athletes Ramona Khalife, a Lebanese Triathlete; Mahdi Khamassi, Yoga Practitioner, and Aziza Sbaity, the fastest Lebanese woman, to share their inspiring stories of breaking limitations and achieving success through mindset and personal growth. 

The campaign highlighted PUMA’s latest product ranges: PUMA Modest Wear and the First Mile collection. The PUMA Modest Activewear and Hijabs offered reliable coverage, style, and comfort, empowering females to train boldly. For men, PUMA’s activewear functioned as armor on their fitness journey, enabling them to reach their full potential.


The campaign, which is still running across KSA and the UAE, successfully inspired individuals to push themselves further and compete only with themselves. 

To learn more about the “You vs. You” campaign, visit: https://ae.puma.com/you-vs-you