New line-up of shows on Discover covers a variety of topics including comedy, lifestyle, cooking, and more

Middle East – April 13, 2021: Snapchat has announced its new slate of shows for Ramadan 2021, bringing more content from Discover partners to the app. Snapchatters will have access to an array of exciting programs throughout the Holy Month with more than 60 new Shows curated in partnership with broadcasters, digital publishers, and creators in the MENA region.

Discover partners have created a host of shows such as Robe’3 Nejmeh from Rotana Group; Azma bel 3azba from Dubai Media Inc.; and creators’ shows including Noor Stars and Banen Stars from Diwan Group; La Tagoolha from Saudi Broadcasting Authority; Lovin Saudi Ramadan Eats from Augustus; Anasala Family from Alfan; and Cosmo Mukbang from ITP, to name a few.

While Ramadan will be a little different this year, people are looking for new ways to celebrate and connect. Snapchatters in the region claim that they will spend 30 per cent more time on their social and communication apps this Ramadan compared to last year, making Discover the new “digital majlis” for the Snapchat community this month.

Snapchat already has a monthly addressable reach of 67 million in MENA, and 18 million in Saudi Arabia alone. In Ramadan 2020, Snapchatters in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, spent 77 minutes daily on the app on average, resulting in an increase of 20% year-on-year. In Saudi Arabia, more people watch content on Discover than any of the top 10 TV channels, both before and during COVID-19.

Ossama Youssef, Founder and CEO of Diwan Videos added: “We aim to entertain our audiences with engaging content from our top Middle Eastern creators that deliver exceptional, entertaining, and interactive experiences. Snapchat Discover is the ideal place for us to feature our host of shows that shed light on culturally relevant topics that reflect what people are interested in the most. Building on the incredible results that Discover has seen in Ramadan 2020, we are extremely thrilled to replicate this success and strengthen our existing relationship with Snapchat.

Fahad Alkhamisi, Head of Digital Media at Saudi Broadcasting Authority, said: “People are spending more time on social and communication platforms nowadays, and are becoming more engaged with mobile content. A large number of our audience in the region are using Snapchat every day. Therefore, we are leveraging our successful partnership with Snapchat to provide them with new and exciting content this Ramadan, and we look forward to extending this collaboration that will give them an enjoyable screening experience in the future.”

Sara Abu Zahra, Strategic Media Partnerships, heading MENA & India at Snap Inc., said: “Times are definitely changing. People want to consume content on their mobile phones and at their own convenience. Snapchat’s Discover is the new digital majlis for Snapchatters during Ramadan and is the natural evolution of the story format, with shows that are made by the region’s top media publishers, editorially selected, brand-safe, and made just for Snapchat.” 

To view Discover shows, swipe right on the Snapchat app, search for the show you want to watch and subscribe.