Dubai, United Arab Emirates – November 07, 2022: Snap Inc. and Strava, a leading fitness networking community, have launched the Strava Activity Lens, a first-of-its-kind augmented reality experience that provides Snapchatters with a new and exciting way to share their Strava workouts with the help of the Snap Camera.

With this lens, one can share workouts on Snapchat through the Strava app and select a run, cycle, or hike option. While choosing Snapchat as the sharing mode on the app, users can easily open the Strava Activity Lens on Snapchat. First-time Lens users will be prompted to sign in to their Strava account.


The chosen workout will automatically appear on the main camera, and the user will be ready to create a Snap or Story using Snapchat creative tools, including music and Stickers. A link back to the Strava workout will be attached for friends and family to join in the fun via the Strava app. One can also share a slideshow from the camera roll by tapping Memories to pull up photos from their workout. 

Designed for fitness enthusiasts, with the Strava Activity Lens, users can find and share the same workouts that live on their Strava profile. The Lens will reflect personalized fitness progress and update in real-time as one tracks their new workouts, big or small, on Strava.  

The Lens can be accessed and used in three different ways: from the Strava app, from Snapchat, or from a friend’s Snap on Snapchat. Strava users can find the Lens from the ‘share sheet’ when sharing a workout. To find the Strava Activity Lens on Snapchat, one needs to type ‘Strava Activity Lens’ into the search bar or directly in Lens Explorer. When viewing a friend’s Snap created with the Lens, use the Strava Activity Lens Context Card and begin your experience.

Available globally, the Lens is live on iOS and Android platforms for both Strava and Snapchat users. To access the lens, having accounts on both Strava and Snapchat is necessary. 

Snapchatters can follow these quick steps and begin their journey towards interactive fitness.

  1. Search for the “Strava Activity Lens” from Strava on Snapchat.
  2. If this is your first time using the Lens, you will need to sign in to your Strava account from the Lens.
  3. Tap the workout selector icon on the left and scroll to the workout you want to share.
  4. Take your Snap! Your workout will automatically be overlaid on top of the camera. Press and hold the capture button on the bottom to record a video. If you’d prefer to share a slideshow from your camera roll:
  • Tap the image button on the left, and pull up photos from your activity 
  • Press and slide the capture button to lock and record hands-free
  • Narrate while you go through photos from your Strava activity
  • 5. Once you’ve recorded your Snap, decorate it with your Bitmoji, location stickers, captions or any other Creative Tool.
  • 6. Optional – Download the Snap to your camera roll with the download button in the bottom left. Later you can upload the video to the Strava App from your camera roll.