Saudi Esports Federation official automotive partner and Gamers8 strategic partner Abdul Latif Jameel created a Motors Fan Zone at the event to showcase the new Toyota GR86

UAE, 19 September 2023 – In recent years, gaming in KSA has transcended its status as a mere pastime and evolved into a cultural phenomenon, attracting millions of dedicated players and viewers alike. Recognising the immense potential of this gaming ecosystem to engage with a vast and diverse audience, Serviceplan Arabia orchestrated an unprecedented brand takeover at the world’s biggest gaming event, Gamers8, with an integrated campaign. This event kicked off Abdul Latif Jameel Motors’ role as the exclusive automotive partner of the Saudi Esports Federation and strategic partner of Gamers8: The Land of Heroes.

Simply dipping their toes into gaming was not the approach Abdul Latif Jameel Motors wanted to take. Genuineness is an important brand quality when marketing to gamers. At the first interaction, this was always at stake, and Abdul Latif Jameel Motors wanted to dive in at full speed and across different touchpoints.

An orchestrated dive, this game plan followed a comprehensive strategy. The pillars at heart: empowering gaming enthusiasts in KSA, whether their goals are personal or professional, engaging gamers across the spectrum of casual to hardcore, and adding genuine value to gamers’ lives.

The stage was set. ‘Japamura’ became one of the flagship venues brought to life by Abdul Latif Jameel Motors. Fans had the chance to immerse themselves in Japanese culture and history, while gaming enthusiasts could step back in time and into the world of retro gaming at the Abdul Latif Jameel Motors Gaming Centre.

The excitement didn’t end there – dedicated segments for every Esport, such as “Fastest Lap of the Day” in ESL R1, were enriching Gamers8’s broadcasts. Social media and influencers raved about Abdul Latif Jameel Motors’ involvement, and the cherry on top? A dedicated Abdul Latif Jameel Motors Fan Zone full of gaming activities set right at the heart of Gamer8.

The Abdul Latif Jameel Motors Fan Zone became the epicentre of excitement at the event, showcasing the new GR86 in all its glory. This car, renowned for its prowess in popular motorsport games like Gran Turismo for generations, was now available for gamers to experience first-hand. The car is known for its drifting and ‘donut’-making abilities among gamers, which then became the theme for the stand and takeover across the event. It was raining donuts everywhere, and people couldn’t get enough. Gamers and families enjoyed over 7,000 donuts given out at the Fan Zone!

Following the captivating launch at Gamers8, the excitement continued to reverberate throughout the streets of KSA. The GR86 took centre stage at Riyadh Boulevard, gracing the biggest screens in the region with more donuts. 

Rami Hmadeh, CEO, Serviceplan Arabia, comments: “The challenge was to not just exist in one of the largest gaming events in the world, but really ‘belong’ and integrate seamlessly. Participating in an epic event gave us the opportunity to communicate in a unique way. And being the first automotive sponsor of Gamers8 allowed us to really set the tone and standard for how to communicate and have fun with the gaming community. From the larger-than-life takeover at the boulevard, to the activity-filled Toyota GR86 booth we created. It was all about having fun, expressing what the GR brand is all about, and the dedication of Abdul Latif Jameel Motors to the next generation.”

Munir Khoja, Managing Director of Marketing Communication at Abdul Latif Jameel Motors comments:We are thrilled to showcase the highly anticipated 2023 Toyota GR86 at Gamers8, the world’s largest gaming festival. Gaming has evolved from a mere hobby to an integral part of Saudi Arabia’s culture, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 as it supports the ‘Quality of Life Program’. We are committed to resonating with the gaming community by demonstrating our alignment with this vision.

In collaboration with our partners at Serviceplan Arabia, we’ve developed a communication platform infused with playful gaming references and a unique donut theme. This approach seamlessly aligns with both the product and its target audience.

We commend the Saudi Esports Federation for their dedication to Vision 2030, as they empower the youth and elevate the gaming sector on both regional and global scales. Their efforts will undoubtedly pave the way for endless opportunities for brands and gamers alike.”

In closing, the partnership between Abdul Latif Jameel Motors and Gamers8 was more than a sponsorship; it was a vibrant testament to the fusion of gaming and automotive excellence. As gaming continues to flourish and evolve, this collaboration serves as a shining example of how brands can connect with and empower this passionate community. The future of gaming looks bright, with endless opportunities for both brands and gamers alike.