There’s no such thing as ample storage space – more so during Ramadan when families are stocking up on grocery items for the delicious Iftar and Suhoor meals! The reality is that we are not all blessed with massive closets or cabinets. Luckily for us, there are creative ways to get around storing our essentials and IKEA, the region’s leading Swedish home furnishing retailer, has over a thousand solutions to help. 

This is the perfect time to recognise your kitchen that is a work in progress. Once you rethink those nooks and crannies, you will find a whole new world of free counter space. 

Here are five simple storage ideas to organize your kitchen and enjoy hassle free planning and cooking during Ramadan: 

  • Store On The Door

PLUTT hooks Dhs 5

Hang your snacks, sauce and soup packets in front and centre of your cabinet doors with PLUTT hooks and clips so they don’t get lost in clutter. You can even put your grocery list or weekly iftar meal plan on display. If you’ve bought out your recipe books and do not have place to store them, you can easily slip them into a locking plastic bag and hang it in the cabinet under the sink using these hooks. 

2. See Through Storage

IKEA 365+ Dry food jar Dhs 12

Pouring essential items that are being used daily to prepare Iftar meals such as rice, grain or sugar in clear containers makes identification so much easier. You also know how much of it you have to plan your groceries better. The IKEA 365+ Dry Food Jar allows you to label each container and tape expiration dates, so you know exactly when it’s time to restock.

3. Group And Go

RISATRORP Baskets Dhs 39

With the excessive cooking during Ramadan, tall bottles such as oils and sauces come out often. It is easier to access and prevents the bottoms of cabinets from getting sticky. Organise using the RISATRORP Baskets to avoid hunting for ingredients when you are cooking that delicious meal. Tip: It is also an excellent idea to group ‘friendly foods’ for anyone who may have allergies. 

4. Pull and pick 

VARIERA Utensils tray Dhs 45

If you are living alone and depend a lot on canned food and ready to eat sauces to open your fast with, this is what you need to organize cans and smaller bottles that are always hidden behind something or in the danger of tipping over. IKEA has a range of stacks, dividers or drawer that can be inserted to separate and organize your cans, spreads or spices so they are visible at once glance is one way to avoid stacking dangerously. 



5. Put A Shelf On It

VARIERA shelf insert Dh 15

The OBSERVATOR Clip On Basket Dhs 10

There is always that one cabinet that is a little too large and could have used as an extra shelf. Small spice containers use shelf space inefficiently and are difficult to find when surrounded by taller bottles and items.  Create extra levels for jars or other items using VARIERA shelf insert. The OBSERVATOR Clip On Basket can also maximise pantry space allowing you to place flatter foods like noodle packs or bread underneath it.