Brandberries is a firm believer in the power of collaboration, great things happen when we work together. This report has been put together in a collaborative mode gathering regional and global top retail voices to share their expert commentary on where digital transformation is driving the retail landscape.

This report showcases the future of retail and the opportunities for growth in a hyper-connected world through covering the below aspects:

•How Can Retail Brands Move From Being Transactional-driven to Experiential-driven ?

•Is Retail In Its Current Format Dying Or It’s Being Reinvented ?

•How The Rise of new consumer groups like Millennials and GenZers has reshaped building modern retail brands ?

•How Brands Can Connect The Dots Between Physical And Digital Retail Spaces ?

•How The Store Of The Future Is Most Likely To Look Like ?

Also, this report helps to anticipate the top retail trends for 2020, what winning brands will do to capture the hearts and minds of the consumers and how digital transformation has altered the way we build retail experiences.

Brandberries would like to thank all contributing brands, agencies and independent consultants for the time and effort, putting together their valuable insights. 

This report marks the debut of Brandberries “ Industry Reports Unit”.  

Please download the full report here