In one of the world’s largest rebranding campaigns, Volkswagen Middle East has revealed its new brand design and logo to the region, through the creation of a piece of artwork which encapsulates the new attitude of the brand. This comes as part of Volkswagen’s brand realignment globally. 

To shine some spotlights on the the redesign campaign, its atheistic and the inspiration behind it, we’ve exclusively interviewed Victor Dalmau, Volkswagen Middle East Managing Director, for his perspectives on the campaign. 

Victor Dalmau – Volkswagen Middle East

BB: Tell us about the main inspiration behind the redesign campaign ?

VD: Volkswagen is a ‘People’s brand’ with the sole ambition of always moving people forward in their lives – in and outside their cars. We’ve developed a new brand design and logo that better supports this and reflects our values; putting people back into the driver’s seat.  

It is more than a new logo – and with this new direction, we’ll be focused on being human and inviting, placing authenticity and real people above all else. We’re on a new journey with a new focus and this will be felt and seen in everything we do, and with this digital-first approach, it allows us to create a redesign which will align across all platforms. Ultimately, this new era for Volkswagen defines our new sense of attitude, drive and passion. 

BB: Tell us how this redesign paves the way for the new era of VW ?

VD: Our customers will enjoy a new and refreshed Volkswagen feel which promises exciting new models and a 360-customer focused experience – one that’s more modern and more authentic. The brand language will be more personalized and individual, allowing customer communication and connectivity to be a key focus for us. The logo is reduced to its essential elements allowing more flexible use for digital media, which is especially important in this digital-savvy region. We even decided to change the logo voiceover to be female. A women’s voice is softer, warmer and friendlier, matching our new image better. 

To ensure we remain agile and forward-thinking as a business, this new era has also seen the launch of our e-commerce platform, where customers can buy cars online. As part of our retail strategy, there will be a stronger mix of digital and physical elements in our showrooms. 

BB:  Can you please share some insights on the global realignment of the Volkswagen brand ?

VD: I’ve worked with Volkswagen for many years and this is truly an exciting time for the brand to showcase its evolution and refreshed values. The global rebranding campaign involves 171 global markets, 10,000 dealers and service partner facilities, and 70,000 logo replacements. In the Middle East region, 22 dealers and service facilities across 9 markets will move towards the new Volkswagen design. It feels like the ideal time for the brand to take on a new era – while the world is changing around us, we are changing too. 

BB: Please tell us more about the ‘Kinetic’ concept created by Artist Maddy Butcher ?

VD: Embarking on this project with UAE-based artist Maddy Butcher is a clear example of how we want to communicate our brand values – in a vibrant, human and stimulating way. This moment marks the beginning of our new journey and our objective was to create something that encapsulates the new attitude for the brand with a unique, regional touch. The “Kinetic” concept combines the new brand palette with some of the most recognizable features of Volkswagen vehicles such as the honeycomb grill, the wheel, and of course, the new brand logo. Maddy fused these elements together quite brilliantly – she captured our renewed energy and combined it with traditional characteristics of local architecture, creating a piece of art that represents the brand’s new era in the Middle East.