‘One On One With’, is a brandberries exclusive content series aimed at promoting and showcasing the thoughts and perspectives of the best brand designers of the Arab world and MENA region.

We kicked it off with an interview with Akram William, Founder of Fat Head Studio. Here’s what he had to say! 


Akram William – Fat Head Studio

BB: What is the first thing you have ever designed?

AW: A Logo for a Billboard company, I made sure to hide it forever.

BB: Is design a talent or a skill?
AW: A skill that needs daily maintenance

Credits – Akram William

BB: How do you describe your design aesthetic ?

AW: Games from my childhood, a lot of cartoons and a whole lot of toys…Oh and Neon

BB: How do you get inspired?

AW: I stay away from work, play a lot of games, catch up with my favorite artists and make sure I read my favorite comics.

Credits – Akram William

BB: Can you walk us through your design process?

AW: Research, Research, Research, then experimenting with a LOT of sketches, take my favorite picks, clean up, revisit again a couple of days later.

BB: When you start a project, what is the most important question you ask your client?

AW: It really depends on the project, but if there’s a common question it has to be “How will this design affect your business?”

Credits – Akram William

BB: What do you do if u get a creative block?

AW: I make sure to completely stay away from any computer/paper/sketchbook and do anything else, then get back to it when I feel bad for not working, Self-punishing? sure, but works!

BB: How do you deal with a rejected design ?

AW: I try to educate my clients and explain to them how it may affect their work positively as I’m a partner of success for the outcome too. 

Credits – Akram William

BB: Which work are you most proud of?

AW: The work I did in my studio recently, a little project called “Tokyo Reborn”

BB: Favorite color is …

AW: Orange

BB: Favorite Font is …

AW: Montserrat

BB: Solid or Gradient ..

AW: Solid

Credits – Akram William

BB: Morning person or night owl ..

AW: Morning owl? as I find myself staying up till 4:00 AM and waking up at 7 

BB: Coffee or tea…

AW: Coffee, that’s how I manage to be the morning owl

BB: Most admired brand design..

AW: Vans

BB: Favorite graphic designer ..

AW: Jared Nickerson

BB: Best part of being a designer is …

AW: You get the feeling / illusion of creating and destroying worlds

BB: Worst part of being a designer is ….

AW: Tight deadlines, lack of appreciation

BB: Best piece of advice …

AW: Start today, not tomorrow, TODAY

BB: If i wasn’t a designer i would have been …

AW: A terrible stand-up comedian or a pharmacist