What to know: 

• Nike’s latest film titled “What if you can?” is encouraging girls to build confidence and discover their full potential through the power of sport.

• The film follows a young girl who, with the support of her friends, discovers her potential and eventually finds the confidence to step into the game. 

• Nike partnered with Saudi Arabian filmmaker, Haifaa Al Mansour and shot the entire film on location in Riyadh. 

13, May 2024 – Sport is growing fast in Saudi Arabia, it’s everywhere and it’s unmissable. But for many young women, sport can still be intimidating. So, whilst there are girls leading the charge, millions more are waiting for the right moment to get involved.

The film follows a teenage girl as she discovers the joy of movement. She unknowingly finds her inner potential, explores it, and begins to embrace its wonderful power. Through this journey, our hero experiences more than physical sport, she finds her confidence.

To visually portray the discovery of hidden potential, we show our hero seamlessly traveling between two worlds: from a mundane situation to a sports action, illustrating that simple everyday actions and movement can become your sports skills ifyou give it a try. The story was brought to life in partnership with one of the country’s best-known and one of the first female filmmakers in the UAE, Haifaa Al Mansour. 

“I hope the film will encourage young women to push their boundaries and always look for new opportunities. If this film encourages girls to go out and try a sport for the first time that would be the most rewarding thing I can possibly imagine,” saysAl Mansour. 

As part of the campaign, Nike has teamed up with story-telling platform, Rebel Girls with a collective aim to inspire and instill confidence in girls through stories of trailblazing womenincluding footballer, Seba Rabea Mohammed Tawfiq  and sprinter, Kariman Abuljadayel. The digital stories will be available throughout Nike’s ecosystem including online, on the Nike app and across the Rebel Girls social channels.

The campaign will be supported by a series of partnerships with schools and grassroots programs in Riyadh that invite girls to discover a variety of sports through complimentary movement experiences.