In a recent survey, 61% of participants state that they do not feel confident with their level of knowledge about real estate.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 13, 2023: Property Finder, the UAE’s leading home search PropTech platform, leads the way in educating home seekers to make informed decisions in their home search journey. 

Home purchase inquiries have been on the rise in the past few years. Google queries related to ‘Real Estate in the UAE’ grew at 39 percent CAGR from 2018 to 2022. Watch time for home-related videos on YouTube increased with an 11 percent YoY growth. Searches for ‘where to buy in Dubai’ increased by 131 percent YoY in 2022. Questions about mortgages, including the mortgage loan process, qualification requirements, rates and interest calculations, doubled in 2022 compared to 2019. 


To verify these breakthrough findings, Property Finder conducted a study with Google which covered 5,022 participants in the UAE. 61 percent of the respondents were found to have limited or no knowledge about real estate, while 40% of respondents believe price is the most critical question; followed by finding the right community and agent, as well as where to get best mortgage. 

As a brand committed to empowering consumers in their home search journey, Property Finder launched a brand new campaign ‘You Have Questions, We Have Answers”. The campaign aims to educate homeseekers so they can better take control of their home search journey by using Property Finder’s tools and features. These include SuperAgent, Mortgage Finder and Price Insights. 

Sevgi Gur, Chief Marketing Officer, Property Finder, said: 

“Our brand purpose is to empower home seekers in their home search journey. Our platform can enable better decision making for our users, thanks to some unique features such as Price Insights that unlock the historical pricing data for relevant properties. Super Agent helps them to connect with the best agents in the industry. Mortgage Finder unlocks the most suitable mortgage solution for them. With this campaign, our goal is to educate our users on how they can take control of their home search journey by utilizing our tools and features, so they can confidently make the right decision.”

Alex Murray, Director of Creative, Property Finder added: “Most real estate communications are one-sided and only focus on ‘closing the deal’. With this campaign, we’re placing home buyer concerns and questions regarding real estate squarely at the center. Our storyline focuses on the most asked questions based on our survey results. We created mini stories to show how we can help them find the right answers. What gives this campaign more depth is the link we’ve created to a robust, rich content blog page. That’s where homebuyers can find answers to their most-asked questions in a simple, unbiased way. It’s creative that’s both relevant and memorable.”