• Launched by Buzzeff, a new format of ads called inRead Display can avoid inappropriate content and poor advertisement placements, making it highly beneficial for advertisers 
  • InRead Display formats are published on premium websites that ensure brand safety and systematic ad placement

Dubai, October 17, 2018 – Buzzeff, an online advertising specialist, launched its new generation of display ads called inRead Display to help advertisers maximize their brands’ exposure towards their target audience without being associated with unwanted content.

With nearly 1.5 billion websites on the Internet to date, ads can be easily published side by side content about controversies, terrorism, divisive politics, racism and gender discrimination with potentially harmful message. Ads in inRead Display formats or more commonly known as ‘still image’ ads are only distributed on premium websites – any reputable website that features professional quality content – which provides brand safety among advertisers and marketers through better control and a more systematic way of ad placement.

“When it comes to online advertising, brands always aim to get the best results to capture consumer loyalty and eventually improve sales performance. In order to achieve that, the environment in which they reach their market should be set as high priority. Being the first and only company to make inRead Display available in the  MEA region, we look forward to assisting different brands not only in their online ads requirements but, also in educating them about the importance of safe advertising online,” commented Jerome Mouthon, Founder and Chairman of Buzzeff MEA.

Aside from brand safety as one of its main benefits, exposure to inRead Display formats also generates a significant increase of key brand metrics and creates a high level of viewability and engagement among consumers.

inRead Display ads are seamlessly placed in the heart of a relevant editorial article offering a positive user experience. The new ad format is also viewable by design, which means they only appear when seen fully by the user, unlike traditional display formats that are automatically served once the page is loaded.

The traditional display available on the market today offers standard user experience and low viewability. inRead Display ads are mobile-friendly which allows users to swipe, click or tilt their phones and interact with the format. It is also highly engaging which is demonstrated by an average view time lasting for 10 seconds.

“We are aware that video ads are popular because of their dynamism, interactivity and ability to tell a story. However, we still observe many brands using display ads relevant to their campaign or product in general. There is a demand for display ads which gives us the opportunity to help advertisers and marketers through creating a high quality and brand-safe range of advertising options,” added Mouthon.