• The specially created song title “Ifrah Bil Lamma” or “The Joy of Togetherness” was composed by Jean-Marie Riachi and performed by previous participants of The Voice Kids
  • The song and supporting video are sponsored by Dettol and forms part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to ‘Keep Protecting’ the UAE

Dubai, UAE, September 1, 2021 – With schools in UAE re-opening for the new academic year, this initiative sponsored by Dettol aims to empower young students to return to school safely and with confidence. The song titled “Ifrah Bil Lamma”, celebrates the joy of togetherness, be it at school or at home through maintaining safe hygiene habits to keep everyone protected.



A key aspect of the song is to make it easy for children to remember the importance of mask wearing, hand hygiene, and social distancing as they finally return to school again during these uncertain times. It reminds them of the simple steps that will help them keep themselves and those around them safe and healthy. While at the same time the song strikes an inspiring note of optimism and hope for the future for kids everywhere. 

The song has been composed by acclaimed producer and Arab musician Jean-Marie Riachi, written by Arab lyricist Nizar Francis, and performed by past participants of ‘The Voice Kids’ including, Yaeel KasemJad EzzedineValentina El KarakiGeorges Assi, Joanne Jabbour

Tauseef Faisal, Regional Director, Reckitt Middle East said, “Good hygiene is one of the foundations of good health and it is our mission to make the ‘new normal’ a healthier normal. We want to work towards creating a cleaner, healthier world for all and as the leading germ-protection brand in the Middle East, Dettol has a critical role to play, now more than ever, by promoting access to hygiene and health in the fight against Covid-19. Through the anthem, we want to remind every child that ultimately it is the little things they do, like practicing good hygiene, that helps them protect the people they love.”

Dettol has a 70 year-long association with the UAE, providing simple, innovative health products and the anthem is part of its ongoing commitment to educate families on healthy habits and help break the chain of infection in the region. 

Composer Jean-Marie Riachi said, “I am pleased to be part of this awareness initiative and composing a song with such an important message. With the power of music we want to create a movement that will see kids come together and inspire their peers to create a safer and healthier tomorrow.” 

Lyricist Nizar Francis added, “We have tried to create a song which appeals to children, combining both big, important messages but also emphasizing positivity and hope. Our aim is that this song will be sung in every school and hummed in every school corridor.”

The 5 ex-participants from ‘The Voice Kids’ said in a group statement, “We had a lot of fun performing this song. We’re excited to start school again this week and are looking forward to meeting our friends and teachers after a long time. We hope everyone enjoys the anthem, remembers to stay safe, and celebrates coming together after such a long time.”


This project, a unique initiative in the region, is sponsored and supported by Dettol in collaboration with ‘The Voice Kids’ and represents part of a wider ambition to keep protecting the UAE.