Today, on International Women’s Day, MAC Cosmetics Middle East launches a regional campaign featuring four local talents to champion individuality as part of its longstanding

MAC VIVA GLAM mission to support healthy futures and equal rights for all.

Because beauty for MAC is about never needing to fit a mould, adhere to an expectation or comply to an ideal. It’s about nothing but being yourself (and yes, that includes not having to feel pressured to be your ‘best self’ either!).

he brand continues its celebration and empowerment of women on International Women’s Day, partnering with women who share their belief in authentic self-expression: collectively this campaign speaks loudly and proudly on the importance of individuality.

The campaign follows four women, Abeer Sinder, Nirvana Abdul, Ghalia Amin and Mashael Mr, in the historic district of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, as they navigate conflicting messages, opinions, and comments that women often face- following them on their journey to just be, switching off the noise, pressure and expectations around them.

A steer towards a movement of neutrality, the freedom of just being. Embracing who they are, they embody the importance of #MeAsIAm.


Their commonality? Conviction, courage and a mutual understanding with MAC that self-expression drives positive change.

So, as much as shared values, it is the differences between these individual women – and all individual people – that MAC champions: through this campaign, they encourage women and inspire their communities to be authentically themselves.