We, at Brandberries, are firm believers in the power of collaborations, great things happen when we work cooperatively. This report has been put together in a collaborative mode gathering regional and global top employer branding voices to share their expert commentary on how brands and agencies can craft a thriving employer brand in the digital world.

This report showcases why in a people-first era, the human capital will be the biggest game changer for brands and agencies in a fiercely competitive environment in the race for talent, through covering the below aspects:

– Why building a solid employer brand has become as crucial as cultivating a customer-facing brand ?

– How is digital transformation reshaping the way brands attract and retain talents ?

– How can brands activate the power of people ?

-How can employers brand their culture and use it as a tool to attract talent ?

– How can brands tap into non-traditional talent pools?

Brandberries would like to thank all contributing brands, agencies and consultancies for the time and effort, putting together their valuable insights. 

You can download the full report here