FutureBrand Milan creates the new identity of Al Jameel’s new soft drink range

Milano, January 16th 2023Al Jameel, one of the most influent player in the Saudi food industry, has decided to  enter the soft drink market with a range of products that express the uniqueness of the multifaceted identity of the  region. 


The launch of the new soft drink brand ties in with the evolution taking place throughout the Middle East, a  transformation promoted by the new generations, who are driven by great ambitions and by the desire to express  their own culture and the essence of their land. 

The name created for the line – Kinza – sums up the values that inspire the brand: in Arabic زنك) Kinz) means  “treasure” indicating the commitment of the brand to be more than a simple thirst quencher, and to become a  brilliant storyteller and a means to share sensational experiences. 

The Kinza brand stands for the spirit of young Arabs, and is the bearer of their uniqueness, of their desire to make  a difference and open up to the world while remaining authentic and true to themselves. 

Kinza’s visual identity is pop, captivating yet simple, it follows the color codes to which consumers are  accustomed, reinterpreting them in a modern key with innovative and memorable graphic elements.