In the vibrant tapestry of Middle Eastern culture, where diverse flavours and customs shape the perception of words and visuals, Kenshō Mindful Communications is redefining what is means to communicate effectively. Since its early beginnings in Oman in 2009 to its recent expansion in the UAE and upcoming launch in Saudi Arabia.

Kenshō’s story is one of continuous growth, determination, and forward-looking innovation, all underpinned by the ethos of mindfulness at every turn. By tapping into a deep understanding of the region and employing strategic foresight, Kenshō is transforming the way communications are conceptualised and delivered. This approach ensures that the unique local intricacies take centre stage on a global platform while embracing the best global practices to enhance the local market. 

The Genesis in Oman

Originally a reputable multilingual content and events company, Kenshō began its transformative journey in 2009. Founded by Marise Assaf, it established a foothold by addressing the growing demand for communication services in Oman’s market. Following Covid-19, the need for businesses to adapt and reinvent became apparent. It was during these challenging times that the idea of an integrated communications and creative agency that can serve as a one-stop-shop took form. 

Building Trust with Industry Giants

Since its launch in December 2021, Kenshō has quickly established itself as a  key player in the communications sector, gaining the trust of both local and international heavyweights. With a client roster that includes Vale Oman, Asyad Group, OQ, Talabat, SingleView, Dsquares, Ejada, and Via, the agency is well-prepared to extend its communications, creative, and PR services into new markets. This progress over the past three years sets the tone for the future of the agency’s success as a trusted partner in the industry.

Three Partners on a New Chapter of Growth

The agency’s transition from one to three partners in December 2023 solidified its position as a PR, communications, and creative integrated agency.

Marise Assaf, a Canadian award-winning trilingual entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in Marketing and Advertising. During her career, she forged strong relationships within the GCC, collaborating with local and global organizations including the Royal Opera House Muscat, Orascom, Asyad Group, Cambridge University, Boeing, and various UN agencies. Her deep understanding of psychological nuances, cultural fluency and business acumen enable her to navigate and consult companies underpinned by the ethos of mindfulness. 

Islam AbdelWahab an award-winning film and creative director has been making a significant mark on the animation and creative arts for the last 25 years. Collaborating with prestigious names like MBC, Dubai Future Talks, Dubai Future Museum, DP World and Burj Al Arab, his narrative artistry has earned international acclaim, notably for “Little Egret,” which clinched top honours at film festivals in New York and Paris. AbdelWahab’s work transcends traditional storytelling, enhancing Kenshō’s creative edge with each project.

Rana El Naggar, known for her expertise as a PR and media relations professional, managing clients in both local and international media landscapes. Boasting a decade of multinational experience, including over ten years specifically in the Middle East and Africa, Rana has honed her skills in high-stakes environments. Her career includes significant roles such as working within the regional communications team at HSBC and collaborating with global brands like TikTok, Careem, Samsung, NovoNordisk, COP27, and P&G across the Middle East.

Expansion into the UAE and Beyond

Kenshō, named after the Japanese concept of insight and self-awareness, has strategically expanded into the UAE and is planning an entry into the Saudi market, underscoring its commitment to growth. This expansion not only showcases the agency’s strategic foresight but also aligns with the thoughtful ethos implied by its name. Kenshō is broadening its focus from primary industries like oil and gas, logistics, energy, sustainability and technology to include more sectors, paralleling the UAE’s economic diversification and supporting Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 ambitions.

What Truly Sets Kenshō Apart

Kenshō distinguishes itself as a boutique agency with a regional footprint, managing a team of 30 professionals across six countries to offer integrated communication services that encompass everything from strategic planning to creative execution. This holistic approach ensures excellence in every project phase, enhanced by the team’s ability to handle cultural subtleties across multiple time zones. At its core, Kenshō leverages the transformative power of storytelling, engaging audiences deeply with emotive and sensory-rich narratives produced by its in-house creative and digital teams, making each communication uniquely impactful and memorable.