TikTok is entertainment that inspires shopping to create a seamless journey from discovery, to gifting, and beyond. The For You page is a one-stop-hub for all things holiday throughout every stage of the shopping season. Our users turn to TikTok for everything from hosting inspo, to searching for Creator-made gift guides, to treating themselves by purchasing a bit of luxury and more. 


To unlock the full potential of TikTok and achieve results at scale, Video Shopping Ads is your always-on foundation to deliver across your commerce goals. Sprinklr helps brands stay on top of their TikTok strategy and they are here this holiday season to share the top 5 reasons why you should be launching your commerce strategy on TikTok and activate The Holidays For You.

  • Product discovery starts on TikTok. 

15% of all product discoveries begin on TikTok

  TikTok Marketing Science Post-Purchase Analysis conducted by Fairing, 2022

  • TikTok audiences are open to all kinds of shopping. 

 1.2x more likely to shop online, in-store, and be more open to direct social shopping. 1.2x more likely to impulse shop. (vs. traditional social platform users). Source: TikTok Marketing Science US Holiday Research 2022, conducted by Material

  • TikTok users are ready to shop online. 


TikTok users are 1.6x times more likely to engage in ecommerce behaviors (vs. other social/video platform users that are not on TikTok).

Source: Global Shopping Ad Products Study 2022

  • People turn to TikTok to plan and celebrate holidays.

1 in 2 users turn to TikTok to plan or celebrate a Holiday or Shopping Event.

Source: TikTok Marketing Science US Holiday Research 2022, conducted by Material. 

  • People share what they buy on TikTok to show others. 

Mentions of #Haul increases 1.5x during key December holidays.  Source: TikTok internal Data, Global, Oct 2022-Jan 2023

Ready to start selling for Holiday on TikTok? Unlock Video Shopping Ads with Sprinklr

Just in time for the holiday season, Sprinklr can now help brands manage TikTok Video Shopping Ads directly within Sprinklr. This allows global brands to maximize ad performance and easily create various TikTok Video Shopping Ads formats. These ads can effectively target both potential and returning audiences, enabling brands to drive engagement, boost sales on TikTok, and deliver a return on ad spend.

About the Sprinklr x TikTok partnership

Sprinklr is a Campaign Management and Creative partner badged in the TikTok Marketing Partners program and helps marketers manage, execute, and optimize both organic and paid content campaigns on TikTok. 

How to get Started: Build safe, reliable data connections between our platform and your website or app

Data connections can be set up to capture any action that a user or customer takes on your website or app. With a better understanding of your holiday shopper’s user journey from holiday planning to gifting, celebrating, indulging, sharing and beyond, our system can better deliver your holiday messaging and Video Shopping Ads to users that will resonate with them most. 


To unlock all the benefits that the data connections can bring you, we recommend that brands set up both TikTok Pixel and Events API before Q4 to ensure optimal ad delivery ahead of the holiday season.  Not only does this allow seamless integration between our platform and your systems, it also allows TikTok Ads Manager to more accurately determine when and where to serve your ads, maximizing the chance of a conversion.