Horizon FCB’s Dubai agency have been celebrated at the only two globally recognised luxury awards for their contribution to Dubai South’s new VIP Terminal.

Dubai South is an emerging master-planned city leveraging its strategic location which connects both air and sea mega-ports to create a self-sustained destination that will empower businesses, families and individuals. In recognition of Dubai’s ambition to become the global aviation capital of the world, Dubai South launched the world’s first 7-star VIP terminal. 

Horizon FCB Dubai were tasked with designing the logo and creating an iconic identity for the VIP terminal that would encapsulate both the luxury and functionality of the project. The logo needed to embrace and inspire the future of air transport while maintaining an elegant and easily recognisable design. Horizon FCB used the architecture of the bones of the building itself to design the logo which inspired the building designers to make it the main architectural element used in every aspect of the structure. 

From the shape of the exterior and the patterns inside to the workers uniforms and the fountain pens they use, the brand logo has become a building that you can literally walk through. The use of the logo in all areas of the terminal from form to function has created a balanced experience that perfectly fits with the seamless journey the VIP Terminal wanted to create for their passengers.

As a result, Horizon FCB Dubai have won awards for ‘Best Strategy In Corporate Luxury Identity’ at the Marbella Luxury Festival and ‘Branding and Visual Identity’ at The World Luxury Awards in Monaco.


  • Reham Mufleh: General Manager
  • Munther Al Sheyyab: Planning Director
  • Joao Flores: ECD 
  • Sidney Araujo: Creative Director