A solidarity campaign focused on raising awareness of the importance of safely greeting each other

  • Interbrand, in collaboration with OmnicomPublicRelationsGroup, ClarkeModet, Unidos en Red, MassiveMusic, Zapiens and Maaambo, offers citizens an alternative way of greeting one another while maintain proximity without jeopardizing safety.
  • Avoiding hugs & kisses, not shaking hands and maintaining social distance to avoid contagion is essential to prevent the spread of the virus and keep us safe in the coming months. 

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Madrid, May 25, 2020 – Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, in collaboration with the communication and transformation consulting firm OmnicomPublicRelationsGroup, has launched a non-profit social campaign to publicize #hi4now, a movement for a new safe greeting to fight the spread of the coronavirus. An alternative to traditional greetings that aims to preserve the proximity and connection amongst people: placing your hand over your heart. A visible and easy gesture that can be used by all, children and adults alike.


#hi4now is the name chosen for this new greeting that gives continuity to a daily and simple ritual with a safe and easy gesture. This initiative aims to expand and become a global social movement so that people do not stop greeting each other in an emotional (but responsible) way.

“We wanted to facilitate this period of social distancing, without handshakes, hugs or kisses, with the creation of a simple gesture that condenses all the essence of traditional greetings: affection, respect, friendship, closeness…avoiding that uncomfortable moment in which you don’t know how to react. This is where #hi4now comes from”, says Interbrand’s CEO for Iberia & Middle East, Nancy Villanueva.

“#hi4now not only encourages each of us to keep a safe distance, protecting each other, but also allows us to stay in touch in a human and generous way with all of the heroes on the front line fighting this pandemic,” says the CEO of OmicomPublicRelationsGroup, Higinio Martinez.  

The lockdown caused by this pandemic and the progressive de-escalation have generated inevitable alterations in social relations. Avoiding hugs and kisses when greeting, not shaking hands or respecting social distance are essential gestures to ensure the safety of everyone and to stop the spread of the virus.