Middle East – While many motorists opt to drive the same vehicle, no two owners are alike. As a matter of fact, when it comes to adding those additional touches to their ride drivers’ tastes can vary greatly. With customers’ needs front of mind, and to further emphasize on its professionalism in delivering on reliability and refinement in design, GMC is taking its personalization and customization game to another level. 


While toughness and commanding design are a given factor for every GMC vehicle, the premium brand offers a variety of exterior styling options to enhance utility and functionality for adventurous individuals. The inside cabin can also be upgraded with many premium styling options allowing the vehicle to be tailored to the specific needs of the individual owner. 

Make a statement on the road with custom styling  

From stylish Emblem to custom-designed molded splash guards and performance-oriented styling, GMC offers exterior enhancing accessories to suit all: 

  • Front and Rear GMC Emblem in Black: Drivers can enhance the appearance of their SUV or pick-up truck with a GMC Emblem in Black. This small stylish touch gives the vehicle a unique cosmetic appearance.
  • Splash Guards – Molded: For customers who spend a lot of time on muddy roads, splash guards are a must have! Custom-designed molded splash guards fit directly behind the wheels to help protect against tire splash and mud. Specially designed for each GMC vehicle these include styling features that accent the exterior look.
  • 5.3L Cold Air Intake System: For some performance-oriented styling, drivers can install an Air Intake System which looks great under the hood as it brings an additional layer of visual appeal to the engine bay.

Safety without compromising on comfort

Safety is an overriding priority at GMC and its vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for all. For customers wanting more, a number of additional features are available:

  • Assist Step: Customers can literally add a step to get in and out of their GMC. Particularly helpful for the GMC Sierra, sturdy Assist Steps with mounting hardware and a traction pad with molded plastic grooves ensure more stable footing.
  • Fog Lamp: Fog is among the most dangerous weather conditions, even for experienced drivers. Customizing the front end of their vehicle with fog lamps, provides drivers with additional illumination for fog weather and thus an extra layer of safety.
  • Side Window Weather Deflector: Custom-molded Side Window Weather Deflectors let fresh air in while helping keep dust and sand out, which is ideal for road trips and rides in the desert. But that’s not all, these also help reduce wind, noise and sunlight glare. 

Technology and entertainment catering to individual tastes 

GMC’s first-class Infotainment System and the latest technology offering allow customers to personalize their vehicles to their tastes all whilst keeping everyone onboard happily occupied:

  • Rear Seat Infotainment System: With the GMC Rear Seat Infotainment System featuring a dual 8-inch diagonal LCD monitors that are mounted on the rear of the front seat head restraints, passengers will be kept entertained for hours. This system features wireless headphones, a single remote control and multiple inputs: USB, SD card and HDMI port and DVD player. The system can also connect wirelessly to devices, including tablets and smartphones.
  • MultiPro Audio system by Kickers Audio: The GMC Accessories MultiPro™ Tailgate Audio System takes tailgating to the next level. KICKER makes it the life of the party with an all-new weatherproof (IP66) audio package that fits the MultiPro™ exclusively. Bluetooth sound streams from connected devices to the 2-channel, 100-watt, 50 watts RMS per-channel Tailgate Sound System. The illuminated display puts the user in charge of the programming track, volume and source.
  • Mounted off-road Sport Light Bar: In addition to setting the vehicle apart in terms of unique design and enhancing the vehicle’s rugged off-road appearance, the weather-resistant LED lamps provide excellent illumination for off-road night vision, bringing one more safety measure.

Maximize cargo hauling capabilities and organize gear – both inside and out of the vehicle 

From roof racks to roof-mounted bicycle carriers, GMC Accessories are the ideal complement to accommodate individuals who thrive on doing it all. In addition, customers can create tidy storage spaces in their vehicles with a Cargo Organizer:

  • Bed/Roof-Mounted Bicycle Carrier – Wheel Mount / Hitch-Mounted Bicycle Carrier: This one is for cyclists! GMC owners can easily move their or their family members’ bicycles around with the upright bike carriers that set the standard for bike-carrying flexibility and ease of use. 
  • Roof-Mounted Luggage Basket or Carrier: When it comes to moving heavy loads around, GMC SUV roofs can be upgraded to carry luggage or any high-volume equipment. With the heavy-duty CanyonTM Roof Basket by Thule or a stylish carrier, well-equipped Cargo Box in Black with premium features like dual side opening and Quick GripTM mounting, moving stuff around has never been easier!
  • Cargo Rails and Cargo Organizer: The cargo space of a vehicle can get messy very quickly, and customers can efficiently take advantage of the space when using cargo rails or a cargo organizer. The rails form the base for mounting other cargo management accessories that customers can chose from depending on their needs. These include Cargo Tie-Down Rings Cargo Stabilizer (Fence), Horizontal Cargo Net and Flexible Cargo Divider depending on the need.

All about pick-up trucks

GMC understands that pick-up truck drivers have very specific requirements. Owning a GMC Sierra alone commands attention, but with many bed and tailgate accessories available, these pick-up trucks can reach a whole new level of customization: 

  • Bed Mat in Black with GMC Logo for Standard Bed Models: The GMC Bed Mat reduces cargo shifting and helps protect the truck’s bed floor surface. Designed to fit the contours of the truck bed, this truck bed mat features is made of non-skid rubber. It is easy to clean and install, and able to withstand extreme temperatures. 
  •  Perimeter Bed Lighting: The Perimeter Bed Lighting brings an additional element of convenience that allows customers to easily remove/fill up cargo in the dark. With just the flip of a switch inthe cabin, the pick-up bed becomes lit.
  • Hitch Trailering Package: Last but not least, for customers relying on their pick-up for its brilliant towing features, the welded structural steel Hitch Trailering Package features a standard receiver to fit most ball mount assemblies and meet all customer needs.

GMC’s accessories and personalization offering can be applied to a range of the brand’s latest 2020 line-up, including the unmissable Sierra, stylish Yukon and bold Acadia. For more information, visit: www.gmcarabia.com.