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21 June 2020, Dubai: With Cannes Lions postponed to 2021 and running only virtual programming this year, the creative community has been given the challenge to ensure ‘creativity’ and the energy that drives the industry forward stays front and center. Enter Geometry Creative Week, bringing together industry leaders across the world for a celebration of creativity, taking place on June 22-26th.

Off the heels of Geometry CCO’s Drum piece a few months ago on ‘the Cannes-cancellation’s chance to restore faith among young creatives’, the role of brands in a shifting climate is driving a new imperative for creativity. Creativity has the ability to drive change in the world, beyond agency life and serves as a societal and cultural accelerator. 

While celebrations won’t be taking place in the French Riviera this year – WPP’s Geometry is committed to using this time to rethink what has come before, to rethink what currently exists, and to transform to the cultural beat of today and tomorrow. Now more than ever, we must use our creativity to excite, to inform and to solve real business challenges. In this spirit, Geometry will be hosting a virtual Geometry Creativity Week held on June 22-26th with a speaker line up ranging from clients, award-winning creatives, founders, and some of the brightest minds in the industry including Mark Read, WPP CEO, Sean Summers, CMO of Mercao Libre, Jessie Bongiovi co-founder of Hampton Water Wine among others. Also involved in the global agenda are members of the Geometry MENA team including CEO Nick Walsh, Account Director Nisreen Faris, Strategy Director Katie Streten, and Creative Director Mauricio Sainaiote.

Nick Walsh, CEO of Geometry MENA, comments, “It’s energising for us to give focus to the great work and positivity that comes out of the creative industry.  Although there is no Cannes Festival this year, this gives us access to key industry experts and time to reflect as a group on the power of creativity and how it has, and is, rapidly changing. Creativity and creative solutions are more important than ever with the tough challenges brands are facing. Hearing from some of our global teams, industry experts and brand owners about the importance of creativity in retail, design, innovation, brand experiences and commerce will bring an air of optimism and inspiration for everyone.” 

Commerce is the next frontier of marketing and Geometry’s mission of reimagining its potential will be the highlight of the programming along with a spotlight on the people and work that is changing the narrative. 

Where To Find The Content

Content will be streamed live on Geometry’s YouTube channel and will also be hosted post event should anyone want to catch up at a later date

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