Dubai, UAE – 21 March 2023: Society tends to pigeonhole mothers, making it seem like they only have the capacity to be caretakers. As the leading bank in the region, shaping the future of the UAE with purposeful action, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) challenges this misconception and celebrates mothers by drawing a parallel between the life skills that all mothers naturally have and highly coveted skills in the workplace, in a video conceptualized, produced and directed by Havas Middle East.


While a survey by showed that 59.46% of female respondents found it challenging for moms to get back to work in the UAE, a recent study has shown that a mother’s brain is actually rewired during pregnancy and functions more efficiently post-pregnancy. In fact, another study states that nearly 29% of employers can see their employees’ teamwork improve after they give birth, and 35% say their multitasking skills improve.

The takeaway:

Motherhood promotes high-performance skills that are valuable in the workplace, at home and beyond, contributing to the growth of the nation.