Written By: Casey Halter, Writer and Strategist at Trollbäck+Company

Infographics By: Marcelo Meneses, Animator at Trollbäck+Company

As hundreds of studios around the world transition over to remote, flex, and socially-distanced schedules, it’s no surprise that many of us are turning to the internet for tips and tricks on how to cope. No doubt about it, this is an unprecedented time for our industry, and it’ll take both teamwork and creativity to get through it.

Fortunately, our studio has lots of experience and advice on how to still crush it creatively while away from the office – from former freelance tips to technical musings. Below are the visualized results of a survey we sent out among our freelancers and staffers last week on how they’re staying focused, motivated, and inspired so far.

We also included some of our top tips from our collaborators across every department below them – so no matter who you are or what you do, our team has you covered.

Take it all in. Take a deep breath. You got this.

What Do You Do To Stay Focused?

“Remote workflows present unique challenges–syncing work, rendering tests, etc. But there also some inherent advantages, particularly the ability to go fully bespoke on your personal workflow and pace. My focus comes from making sure all our teams are able to work without any handicaps, and looking for where remote can actually serve as a better mode.” – Fran Roberts, Creative Director

“I know I am much more productive in the morning, so I start my day a little earlier, around 8am. I don’t have to commute, so I have a little more flexibility when I work, and I love that!” Nadia Husain, Design Director

“Pick a work area and stay there, try not to move around or fiddle with stuff in your home. Pretend your work table is your desk.” –Asia Hunt, Strategist

Where Do You Communicate?


“Slack video chat is a game changer, even just to chat with other team members briefly about thoughts. So helpful.” – Pat King, Designer

“Slack and Zoom have become my primary tools, but it’s still not as great as face to face, which I’m missing very much right now.” – Alex Moulton, Chief Creative Officer 

“Communication is SO much harder when you and your teammates are working remote– any down moment I have is spent checking in with my team asking them if there’s anything they need. Those gentle reminders that I’m here help to keep everyone focused and feel like they’re supported throughout the day.” – Sarah Cohen, Design Director

How Do You Ward Off Cabin Fever?


“Being adaptable is essential for me,  if I need air I talk a walk. If I need to clear my mind I take five minutes to meditate. If my kids need something, they win.” — Danielle Garcia, CEO

“Polish your shoes. Organize your junk drawer. Cook a complicated dish. Take advantage of your time at home to do the things you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t.” – Steven Wimberly, Freelance Designer

“I have been rotating which chair/table/location in my studio I’m sitting in, every 2 hours.” – Betsy Jones, Senior Producer

What Keeps You Motivated?


“Trying to unplug from the news for chunks of time works for me.  There is NOTHING good happening on the news currently” – Kevin Anderson, Producer

“Make sure you have your routine down now before you have a chance to fall out of it. And don’t forget to sprinkle in the things that bring you joy – a funny gif here, and afternoon tea there.” – Lizzi Stuart, Animator

“Remembering that we’re all in it together. The more we pull together, the sooner we will be out of this. Hopefully. Also, I am used to remote working and as much as I love working in the office, it is less stressful and more productive to be remote in some ways.” – Elliott Chaffer, Executive Creative Director