In celebration of this one-off delivery, Deliveroo has revealed some of the locality’s most popular restaurants on the app

Dubai, 8th May 2024: Building on its record of unique deliveries in the UAE, Deliveroo recently embarked on a journey back in time, paying homage to Dubai’s illustrious heritage with a one-off Abra delivery at the historic Dubai Creek. This remarkable feat not only celebrates the city’s cultural history but also reaffirms Deliveroo’s commitment to creating hyperlocal experiences and connecting communities while transforming the way people shop and eat.

An abra, meaning “to cross” in Arabic, served as the main mode of transportation for generations, ferrying passengers and goods across the Dubai Creek, an area commonly referred to as the ‘heart of Dubai’. Symbolic of the city’s rich history, this traditional wooden boat holds a special place in the hearts of locals, embodying the spirit of nostalgia and reflecting Dubai’s evolution to a global metropolis. To mark this first-of-its-kind delivery, Deliveroo ingeniously integrated its brand into the 30-year-old vessel, preserving elements of its rich heritage while embracing modernity. The unique transformation was designed to complete a one-off stunt on the historic waterway between Deira Old Souk and Bur Dubai. 

In Deira and Bur Dubai, where culinary diversity thrives, some of the most sought-after restaurants and cuisines revealed by Deliveroo include Al Safadi, Laffah, Manoushe Street, and Jawharat Al Sham for authentic Middle Eastern flavours, Krave with its nutritious offerings, and Pars Iranian with its array of rich Iranian dishes. For those seeking authentic Indian cuisine, Gazebo takes the reins, while Chin Chin stands out as the go-to Chinese restaurant, Mannaland promises to bring vibrant Korean flavours to the table, and Jollibee emerges as the favourite Fast Food restaurant. Deliveroo’s extensive presence across the country ensures that residents and visitors alike can explore a world of local delights all through the click of a button. By embracing iconic symbols of Dubai’s past such as the abra, Deliveroo continues to spark nostalgic memories that resonate with customers.

As the city’s iconic abras continue to navigate the tranquil waters of Dubai Creek, this one-off stunt serves as a nostalgic nod to Dubai’s storied past. Deliveroo remains steadfast in its commitment to honouring tradition, fostering community, and becoming the gateway to great on-demand delivery experiences in every neighbourhood as the city evolves over time.