In a heartfelt ode to a cherished family memory, Deliveroo UAE is celebrating Mother’s Day with a special gifting bundle that taps into the nostalgia of mothers repurposing cookie tins as containers for their sewing materials. Until the 22nd of March, customers purchasing a box of Tiffany Delights Butter Cookies on Deliveroo Hop will receive a complimentary sewing kit. 

The initiative revolves around the universally shared experience of children discovering sewing essentials in cookie tins while searching for a snack in the kitchen. To honour this long-lasting tradition, and combine the sweetness of golden cookies with practicality, Deliveroo is presenting the ultimate Mother’s Day gift by offering customers a complimentary sewing kit with every purchase of Tiffany Delights butter cookies.

The exclusive offer, valid until the 22nd March only, aims to bring a smile to mothers’ faces through this thoughtful gift but also seeks to revive the nostalgic memories of customers’ childhoods. This unique bundle is available exclusively through Deliveroo HOP, making it easy for customers to send a light-hearted gift to their mothers.