Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 26 September: To augment its presence and market share in the competitive wealth segment, Citi has recently released “Hidden Riches,” a digital docu-series featuring four individuals who live truly rich lives on their own terms. The featured individuals include Samar, a commercial-photographer-turned-social-advocate who now uses his art to draw attention to the issues and voices of the underprivileged, and Dr. Mariam, a visionary doctor who skillfully integrates art with therapy to guide patients on a journey of healing and self-discovery in the Metaverse.

As the demand for investment services rises in Asia, Asia Pacific is quickly becoming a key market for Citi’s global wealth ambition, with the UAE being one of the critical wealth centers that the bank is focusing on. While there’s ample wealth to be invested, Citi has discovered that the UAE’s affluent have very different definitions of wealth compared to previous generations. 

Given the affluent’s changing views about investing and saving, Citi has sought to attain greater insight into these shifts and how to advertise its products more effectively. With that in mind, the bank has launched Hidden Riches, which is an evolution of the overarching “There’s More to Wealth,” theme that Citigold campaigns are run on. Hidden Riches brings to life real examples of individuals talking about their own definitions of wealth, acknowledging that wealth can indeed transcend material riches. 

“Through this campaign, we hope to convey the message that we’re here to help our clients grow and protect their wealth, whatever it means to them,” said Ali Hurbas, Head of Data & Analytics, Marketing, and Digital Sales.

According to Hurbas, authenticity and relatability are important for the target clients of its wealth business. “Affluent individuals are time-pressed and may be unresponsive to marketing messages, so it is essential for us to offer something unique and relatable to capture their attention,” he elaborated. 

Therefore, the campaign places emphasis on how Citigold goes above and beyond to understand clients’ goals and aspirations to help grow and protect their wealth. “As a first-of-its-kind campaign to launch in the UAE region, it was important for us to ensure that Citi’s wealth management proposition is demonstrated authentically and accurately,” added Hurbas. “Hidden Riches sheds light on how individuals in the UAE are redefining the meaning of wealth and living a life that balances wealth and purpose.” 

The campaign has launched on various social and digital channels following an integrated and targeted approach. 

You can watch the docu-series here- Hidden Riches – Inspiring Success Stories In UAE | Citibank UAE