Chevrolet Regional Office – To celebrate the spirit of inspirational Arab women, Chevrolet Middle East has launched a new web series called Your Road, in collaboration with brand ambassador Raha Moharrak. The series follows Raha as she tells her story and meets like-minded Saudi women who challenged conventions to follow their dreams.  

A Saudi national, Raha became the first and the youngest Arab woman to summit Mount Everest in 2013 at just 27 years of age. She subsequently went on to conquer a total of eight of the world’s highest and most challenging mountain tops, including Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro.

The series delves deeper into Raha’s love for mountain-climbing and what drove her to this unconventional passion. With poignant conversations with her father, Raha reveals the driving force that propelled her to undertake fourteen expeditions, which led to her to achieving twelve different world records.

“I am honored to work with Chevrolet Middle East on this exciting project. I hope it sends a strong and positive message that not only reasserts the identity of Arab women, but also showcases our ability to achieve what might seem to be impossible. I encourage everyone to watch this inspiring series because it challenges the stereotypes of Arab women and will, hopefully, encourage others to pursue their dreams however big they might be” said Raha.  

During the series, Raha also follows the inspiring story of Hala Alhamrani, owner and instructor at Saudi Arabia’s first female combat gym and Hanan Faiz Alshehri, Yoga teacher and founder of Hoakalei Yoga studio in Jeddah, relating the grit of women in the Kingdom. The uplifting series provides an unprecedented look into the challenges and triumphs of these remarkable women.  

Commenting on the series, Molly Peck, Chief Marketing Officer General Motors Middle East, said: “Chevrolet’s Your Road follows the stories of three women who dared challenged the status quo, giving audiences deeper insight into how some Arab women are making a mark for themselves in what is generally considered an unconventional field. These women followed their passion and became successful in their own right despite facing considerable hurdles and resistance from society. They chose the road less taken and emerged triumphant, which perfectly embodies Chevrolet’s mantra of pushing boundaries, challenging the norm and Finding New Roads.”  

Chevrolet’s Your Road goes live today, February 3rd, and can be viewed on Chevrolet Middle East’s official YouTube channel.