DUBAI – Recognizing that electric vehicle range anxiety is still very much an issue in consumers’ minds, Chevrolet created the first-ever 520km-long banner. The brand used innovative Android-based technologies to interactively demonstrate the Bolt EV’s long-range capabilities.

Converting kilometers into pixels – 1,965,379,091 pixels to be exact – Chevrolet designed a mobile experience that challenged Android users to swipe and drive their virtual Bolt EV down a 520km-long scrolling banner until they reached the finish line.

It took Android users five and a half hours of continuous scrolling to reach the end of the banner – no easy feat! Fortunately, the journey was filled with Easter Eggs and encouraging quotes to keep the scroller going.

During the 2-week campaign, users spent 852 hours (35.5 days) on the banner and made a whopping 1,525,348 finger scrolls down the road. Average time spent on the banner was 8.37 seconds, which is over 9x the average time a user spends on any banner. In total, all users scrolled enough to travel 37,975,000 kilometers. For comparison, that’s almost 100x the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

To prove digital doesn’t just stay in the virtual world, the participation users put into our banner ended up with 
40 footfall leads to showrooms.

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