The Chevrolet Bolt EV is stands out from the crowd with a smart, sleek design, without compromising on comfort or refinement

DUBAI: The Bolt EV, Chevrolet’s first electric vehicle, is a natural head turner. As a brand new nameplate, designers had unprecedented freedom when it came to styling the vehicle, creating a modern, clean body with an interior offering airy spaciousness and ultimate comfort. Working to ensure customer feedback was implemented, the Bolt EV is unlike anything in the EV segment offering practical solutions not just with its performance but in its design too.

“The Bolt EV next-generation powertrain is complemented by a contemporary exterior and interior design. It is a car that exudes modernity and brings intelligent packaging to maximize space and enhance passenger comfort,” said Ahmed Soudodi, Head of Brand, Chevrolet Middle East. “The styling coupled with the unprecedented 520km* range, makes the Bolt EV an irresistible package.”

The proportions of the Bolt EV are unique in the electric vehicle class, offering designers a flexible canvas to build off. The flat battery pack is mounted beneath the interior floor, enabling designers to hone the proportions of the vehicle and create a clean, sculpted look. The short overhangs and modern styling cues complement the vehicle’s next-generation powertrain technology. With the 2600 mm wheelbase and wide track, the Bolt EV boasts a purposeful stance that evokes the look of a compact crossover.

The seating is designed similar to an SUV rather than a family hatchback, giving the driver a commanding outward view. The distinctive styling continues at the back of the vehicle, as the rear-window glass extends all the way to the license plate and merges with LED taillamps on the liftgate. However, it’s not mere styling for styling’s sake but is a practical storage solution: by integrating the taillamps into the full-width liftgate, the Bolt EV offers a wide opening that makes it easier to load and unload cargo in the vehicle.

Up front, LED headlamps flow smoothly into the forward edge of the fascia, giving the Bolt EV a dynamic appearance. The signature Chevrolet dual-element grille has been reinterpreted, too, for a clean design with three-dimensional look graphics. It is offered with a choice of two colors that integrate harmoniously with the exterior paint options.

However, Bolt EV isn’t just a striking vehicle on the outside, the cabin is equally well thought out to offer comfortable seating for five passengers, along with generous cargo space.

The smart layout of the interior, knee-room and cross-vehicle spaciousness is maximized with touches such as a “floating” instrument panel, which creates a horizontal feel in the cabin and packs a 10.2-inch color touch screen.

To offer passengers more space, the design team used thin-frame seats that enhance rear-seat roominess. The side air bag modules are incorporated as design elements, too.

All these touches combine to create a welcoming, spacious cabin that belies the exterior dimensions of Bolt EV. Ride comfort is enhanced by the exceptionally smooth single electric motor, which delivers the peak torque of 360Nm almost instantly, going from 0 to 100 kmh in 7.3 seconds, surpassing an internal combustion engine (ICE) V6 engine or even the average 3 cylinders turbo engines, creating a wafting sensation while driving. This makes progress extremely soothing, with a lack of engine noise refining the drive.

While delivering cutting-edge electric mobility, the Bolt EV not only stands out as an exception in its class, it delivers the comfort and practicality of a vehicle at a much higher price point.

The Chevy Bolt EV is now on sale across dealers in the UAE.