Discover a customized homepage in-app curated to bring you the perfect fusion of spiritual, meditative, and entertaining content. Explore an interesting collection of audio series, podcasts, Live Radio shows, fitness guides, cooking tips, and more

Abu Dhabi, UAE – April 11, 2022: This Ramadan, Anghami is bringing together the ultimate collection of spiritual, educational, and entertaining content to set the tone for a cultural experience unlike any other.  

To help you make the most of Ramadan, Anghami has launched its yearly “Live Ramadan with Anghami” campaign with a special curation of audio series, podcasts, Live Radio shows, fitness guides, and cooking tips. 


Users can choose from eight heartwarming readings of the Holy Quran by renowned reciters including Sheikh Abdulrahman ElSodes, Sheikh Ahmed El Ajami & Sheikh Abdelbasit Abdelsamad for their Quran reading. They can follow along at their own pace and keep track of their progress with the app’s daily reminders. And, if users are looking to elevate their spiritual journey, Anghami’s vast library of exclusive content by Sheikh Mishari Al Afassi, Sheikh Mohamed Metwaly El Sharawy and many more will provide them with all what they need. They can also enjoy enlightening discussions on topics ranging from Prayers أدعية to (Seerah an-Nabawiyyah) encourage an ethos of education, discussion, and conversation.

For a light dose of entertainment amidst a long day of fasting, Anghami’s all-new series of audio and video programs by the region’s biggest stars will not disappoint – including daily episodes of Mustafa Hosney’s much-loved Ramadan Show “Elkena3”, as well as Live Radio shows by Tuhoon, EMPWR, and Rising Giants networks that deep-dive into everything from mental health, physical well-being, entertainment, and sports. 

With every Ramadan comes the Arab world’s most highly anticipated television series. But with a spectacular selection taking over our screens, it can be hard to know where to start. For a complete run-down of the season’s blockbusters, catch Nad’s Reviews and Al Fasla as they discuss the latest chart-toppers. And if you’re feeling nostalgic, simply shuffle through the soundtracks of some of the region’s most popular television dramas in a dedicated playlist.

It is also important to remember the health benefits of fasting, so Anghami is here to keep you motivated with a wide selection of podcasts focused on fitness. Hear from experts like Dr Naif Miutwaa from Tuhoon, Ally Salama from EMPWR & Dana Abu Laban from RGN as they help you recharge during the Holy Month, keep your energy levels up during a workout, and clear your mind for a deep meditation. For an extra boost to stay in shape, you can find a wide range of daily cooking and health tips in the Ramadan tab.

“LIVE Ramadan with Anghami” is available throughout the Holy Month until Eid Al Fitr. For more info and to subscribe to Anghami Plus, visit: