In the fast-paced digital landscape, mobile app marketing has become a cornerstone for businesses aiming to expand their user base and boost purchase volume. Nova Waters, the leading player in the bottled water industry in KSA, partnered with Platformance, a customer acquisition engine, to leverage the power of innovative mobile app marketing strategies. Together, they embarked on a journey to unlock new avenues for growth and engagement, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and platforms.

The Challenge

Nova Waters faced the challenge of intensifying competition in the Bottled Water Market, coupled with the need to enhance visibility and drive sales through their mobile app. With a desire to tap into a wider audience base and increase purchase volume, Nova Waters sought a strategic partner who could navigate the complexities of mobile app marketing and deliver tangible results.

The Solution: Leveraging Innovative Mobile App Marketing Stack

Platformance devised a comprehensive mobile app marketing strategy tailored to Nova Waters’ goals and target audience. Leveraging their innovative mobile app marketing stack, Platformance orchestrated a multi-faceted approach that included:

Apple Search Ads for iOS and Android High-End Device Targeting: By harnessing the power of Apple Search Ads, Platformance ensured that Nova Waters’ app appeared prominently in relevant searches on the App Store. Through precise targeting of high-end iOS and Android devices, they optimized visibility among Nova Waters’ target demographic, enhancing the chances of app downloads and conversions.

Platformance Audience Network Integration: Platformanceseamlessly integrated Nova Waters’ app into their Audience Network, a vast ecosystem of premium publishers and high-engagement mobile apps. This enabled Nova Waters to extend their reach across a diverse array of platforms and engage with users in contextually relevant environments, maximizing exposure and driving user acquisition.

Success Metrics

Click to Install Rate in: The strategic implementation of Apple Search Ads and precise audience targeting resulted in a remarkable improvement in click to install rate by 150%, indicating a high level of user interest and engagement with Nova Waters’ app.

Install to Purchase Rate: Through compelling messaging and optimized user experience, Nova Waters achieved an impressive install to purchase rate, surpassing previous benchmarks by 60%, signifying a strong conversion funnel and effective monetization strategy within the app.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): The collaboration between Nova Waters, MindShare, and Platformance yielded a substantial return on ad spend, with an impressive ROAS of 1:3. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the mobile app marketing stack in driving tangible business outcomes and generating significant revenue for Nova Waters.

Collaborative Efforts: MindShare and PlatformanceWorking in Harmony

Central to the success of this campaign was the collaborative synergy between Nova Waters’ media agency, MindShare, and Platformance. Through effective communication and alignment of strategies, both agencies worked hand-in-hand to achieve shared objectives and surpass performance targets. MindShare’s deep understanding of Nova Waters’ brand ethos and audience insights complemented Platformance’s technical expertise and innovative approach, resulting in a cohesive and impactful marketing campaign.

Client Testimonials

Marwan Ghanem, Agency Lead at Platformance: “Working with Nova Waters has been a rewarding experience. Our partnership allowed us to unleash the full potential of our mobile app marketing stack, driving significant growth in user base and purchase volume. Together with Mindshare, we were able to navigate complexities and deliver exceptional results.”

Tarek Sharafeddine, Client Leadership Director at Mindshare: “Collaborating with Platformance on the Nova Waters campaign was truly inspiring. Their dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence were evident at every stage of the project. Together, we exceeded expectations and demonstrated the power of synergy in achieving marketing objectives.”

Mahmoud Gawad, Senior Director of Marketing at Nova Water “Partnering with the team at Mindshare and Platformance has been a rewarding journey. Their expertise and creativity have been instrumental in driving the success of driving a profitable growth for Nova’s Direct to Consumer business.