The partnership is set to strengthen live commerce capabilities for brands in MENA, as consumer spending has grown by over 110% through live streaming as they embrace this next wave of e-commerce.

DubaiUAE, 30 November 2023 – Calibrate Commerce, an innovative end-to-end commerce solutions company in MENA, and Shoplive, a leading provider of cutting-edge technology for live commerce, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the live commerce industry in the region.

Live commerce sales will make up 10-20% of all e-commerce market by 2026, according to McKinsey estimates. The collaboration between Calibrate Commerce and Shoplive brings together their collective expertise and resources to deliver an unparalleled live commerce experience to consumers and businesses alike, to transform the way people shop and engage with brands in real-time in the region.

Through this partnership, Calibrate Commerce and Shoplive will empower businesses to seamlessly integrate live streaming capabilities into their e-commerce platforms, enabling them to connect with their customers and drive engagement and incremental sales. Consumers can shop in immersive, interactive experiences, making purchases in real-time while receiving live assistance. Consumer spending in MENA has grown by over 110% in live streaming apps year on year, according to

“With a young population and social media already having a large influence on how they shop, MENA is set to be the next region that embraces live commerce. We are excited to join forces with Shoplive to transform how brands grow on e-commerce and deepen their relationships with customers,” said Nagham Akileh, General Manager of Calibrate Commerce. “Combining their cutting-edge technology with our commerce marketing solutions will unlock a whole new level of engagement, first-party data and incremental sales for brands.”

Ken Park, Chief Growth Officer of Shoplive, also expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Together, we will create an ecosystem that enhances the shopping experience, connecting businesses with their customers in real-time through immersive and interactive channels.”

This collaboration represents a significant milestone for both companies, each renowned for their innovation and commitment to driving industry disruption. The synergy between Calibrate Commerce and Shoplive promises to reshape the live commerce landscape, providing businesses with the tools and technologies they need to thrive in an increasingly digital world.