• TikTok Made Me Read It: #BookTok Where Content Creation and Literature Meet  

Dubai, 03 November 2022: As the go-to hashtag for all content pertaining to books, reading, writing and everything in between, TikTok’s #BookTok continues to grow in popularity with over 77 billion views globally and one of the most popular hashtags on the platform. With book reviews, writing tips, plot reenactments of popular novels, and more, this corner of TikTok encourages and inspires the community that’s full of creative individuals that share a common passion for literature to enjoy it in all its forms. 


Books are among the oldest forms of entertainment, and with the popularity of #BookTok and creators from across the globe, the TikTok community was inspired to rekindle their love of reading thanks to the vibrant literature community found on #BookTok.

The impact of TikTok’s #BookTok community is being seen in bookstores everywhere, with sections dedicated to books that are trending on TikTok. Publishers are also seeing the impact of #BookTok, with some reporting record sales and a rise in profits thanks to the popularity of the community.

Just like books, TikTok aims to inspire creativity and bring joy, which is why it was only natural for the platform to take part in the Abu Dhabi Book Fair earlier this year to engage in-person with the literature community. TikTok also joined a panel discussion on the role of social media in the book market.

The success of #BookTok continues to grow in the Middle East with a recent dedicated campaign on the platform amassing over 49.5K videos created with over 380 million video views in only a month. Helping to reignite the passion for reading, the most popular market in the region for #BookTok was the UAE, followed by Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Some of the most popular content on the platform for #BookTok came from Omeet Kamil, Readers Bookshop and Ali Hustler.

With the rise of #BookTok, users are combining the classic pleasure of reading with the engaging content found on TikTok. TikTok creators frequently share their love for unique or popular topics, inspiring others to pick up a new hobby or dive deeper into one that was already a part of their lives. Through these shared connections, users elevate and highlight what they love and encourage community growth both on and off TikTok. This is on full display in the steady growth and success of #BookTok, a TikTok community that’s full of creative individuals that share a common passion for literature.

Those joining TikTok, might be surprised to find such a vibrant literature community, but #BookTok is just one of several communities of likeminded individuals that the app has fostered leading to a widespread cultural impact. The hashtag has become the place to find reading recommendations and inspirations, share reviews and tap into fan culture, super-charging book discovery, and having a real world impact on book sales globally.

Whether you’re looking for your next read or need some writing tips – be sure to join the conversation on #BookTok.