Abu Dhabi, UAE , 5 April 2024 In the spirit of connection that defines Eid celebrations, Audi Abu Dhabi and Al Ain is encouraging residents to prioritize quality time with friends and loved ones. The brand‘s commitment to ‘progress‘ that enriches human experiences is reflected in this year‘s”Disconnect to Reconnect” campaign, which sheds light on a growing concern in relation to the impact of technology on meaningful connections. The initiative responds to surprising results from a study commissioned by the dealership revealing thatnearly three-quarters (72%) of UAE residents feelthat their mobile phones deprive them of precious family moments.

The survey also highlighted a generational divide. A significant portion (26%) of respondents aged 35 and above want to limit screen time to prioritize familyinteraction. Furthermore, 23% believe implementingphone-free zones during gatherings could positivelyimpact their relationships.

“At Audi Abu Dhabi, we’re committed to supporting the brand claim of ‘Vorsprung’ and believe that progress should have a purpose: to improve your life. That’s why we’re leading the way in a new era of automotivetechnology designed to enrich our lives,” said Claire Jackson, Marketing Manager of Audi Abu Dhabi. “Our’Disconnect to Reconnect’ campaign for Eid perfectlyreflects this philosophy. It’s a reminder to be present and connect with loved ones, especially during special occasions. Let’s cultivate a healthier relationship with technology so it enhances, not replaces, the momentsthat truly matter.“

The digital campaign encourages residents across theUAE to disconnect from digital distractions, be moremindful of their smartphone habits, and make lastingmemories with family and friends during the Eid Celebrations.

The survey, in collaboration with YouGov, gatheredinsights from more than 1,000 UAE residents aged 18 to 50.

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