By: Ibrahim Kalash, Head of Zenith Oman

In the fast-paced world of advertising and marketing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing in a big change, shaking up strategies and changing how companies interact with customers all over the world. Brands everywhere are using AI to make campaigns more personal, manage their money better and get real results. This big change gives brands more control over their marketing efforts than ever before, reaching out to people in different places and markets, like the lively areas of the MENA region.

Using Data to Personalize: At the core of this change is using data to make things more personal. Companies around the world are using AI programs to learn from lots of information they have about their customers. This helps make customer experiences better and keeps people engaged. Recent studies show that 80% of people around the world are more likely to buy something if they’re offered personalized experiences. In places like the UAE, KSA and Egypt in MENA, there’s a growing demand for tailored strategies because people want things that feel more personal.

Working Together: Working together with others makes AI-powered marketing even stronger. In MENA, when local brands team up with big tech companies, they’re able to change how things work digitally. The UAE, known for being a place where new ideas happen, encourages partnerships that use AI to target and group people more effectively, getting better results in different markets.

Using AI to Plan Media: Using AI to plan media is becoming a key part of marketing all over the world. It helps manage money better and makes ads perform even better. In MENA, places like KSA and UAE are quickly changing how they do things digitally. AI tools help navigate through complicated market changes, helping brands get ahead in places that are always changing.

Getting Creative: AI isn’t just about numbers—it’s also about sparking new ideas. Brands are using AI to come up with stories that really speak to people. This creative push brings different groups together and helps make strong connections in a changing world.

Looking Ahead: The possibilities with AI in advertising and marketing are endless. Companies, advertisers and others are embracing AI as a way to bring in new ideas and grow. Using AI can change how things work digitally and helps brands to find new chances to grow.

In the end, AI is changing how marketing works in MENA, helping brands connect with people in personal and important ways. Across the region, working together and new ideas are driving changes that make marketing work better in different places. As we keep going with AI, the future of marketing in MENA is all about working together, coming up with new ideas and finding lots of ways to grow.

As AI gets better, it’ll become even more important in advertising and marketing, helping brands keep up and give people great experiences. In MENA, where digital stuff is growing fast, AI will be a big part of how marketing changes, bringing in new ideas and chances to grow. By using AI strategies and making strong partnerships, brands in MENA can be leaders in global marketing, making important connections and getting big results.