As part of its ongoing commitment to provide young advertising creatives with rare opportunities, Facebook hosted the second MENA edition of Portfolio Night in partnership with Black and White Report (BWR).

Following a rigorous selection process, 45 young creatives displaying great potential are offered the chance to meet renowned agency senior creative leaders and gain their advice on the right steps to take to become better experts within their field.

For each young creative, the opportunities that BWR Portfolio Night provides could mean a chance to revamp their portfolios or even the potential for a new job offer. For one very lucky and talented creative, however, BWR Portfolio Night presents the opportunity of a lifetime.

In this year’s edition, the young creative who captured the hearts and minds of the region’s best and brightest was Neel (or Nile in English).

An eighteen year-old student, Neel’s inspiring story begins with an early arrival to BWR Portfolio Night – a near-instant testament to her willingness to learn and expand her skills as a young creative. Very quickly, however, Neel soon discovered that she had misinterpreted an email she received, reading it as an invitation to take part in the event. To her disappointment, Neel was not one of the young creatives confirmed by The One Club for Creativity.

While most in her shoes would have turned and walked away, Neel’s tenacious attitude and determination to grasp the opportunity BWR Portfolio Night provides ensured she was not going anywhere. Neel waited patiently for a stroke of mere luck to strike – for the chance to take the place of one of the young creatives, should one not show up.

Neel’s persistence soon paid off. Minutes before the start of the event, one confirmed participant called to cancel and hours later, Neel presented her portfolio to an ensemble of the region’s most influential creative leaders.

What happened next spoke volumes, as Neel soon proved her place among the next generation of promising industry creatives when she became the BWR Portfolio Night All-Star. Neel’s portfolio demonstrated an ability that was far-superior to that of her competitors’, taking first place by a substantial point difference.

Joining other All-Stars from around the world, Neel will fly to New York where she will collaborate on a global brand brief inside a top NYC Agency. This potentially life-changing opportunity could influence the rest of Neel’s career, as well as enable her to forge bonds that will last for years to come.

Ahmed Hafez (Fizo) Younis, Creative Shop Lead, Facebook MENA

“Neel inspired us all far beyond our expectations, proving that talent is not bound by age or experience. There is a powerful lesson to take away from her determination to persevere that we hope resonates with all aspiring creatives. We are proud to have hosted this edition of BWR Portfolio Night at Facebook and are pleased to see so many young creatives take part in the opportunity to meet with some of the industry’s most respected talents,” said Ahmed Hafez (Fizo) Younis, Creative Shop Lead, Facebook MENA.

For the remaining participants of BWR Portfolio Night, the event leaves them with a head full of ideas, a pocket full of business cards, and a sense of direction that could pave the way to their futures. 

All participants were the recipients of certificates from BWR Portfolio Night, with three creatives receiving Bronze, Silver, and Gold certificates for their achievements.